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Matt Senreich about to shoot the cameraman.

They like the violence! We need more violence.
~ Matthew Senreich

Matthew Senreich is the co-creator of the popular TV show, Robot Chicken as well as a recurring villain.

He was voiced by himself.


During his first appearance on the show, he and the other creator of Robot Chicken, Seth Green are hosting a telethon in order for Robot Chicken to get a third season. They tell the viewers that if they don't call in within two minutes, Matt will shoot a dog to death. However, Matt kills the dog right after this, and says that his finger slipped. Seth says that he thought they agreed not to kill the dog, and then has a monkey brought out. Similar to what happened with the dog, Matt accidentally shoots the monkey to death immediately as well. Seth tries to take the gun away from Matt, but the gun goes off yet again while Seth is attempting to wrestle it away from Matt. This results in the death of the Bloopers host. Matt notices that they are getting a lot of phone calls now, and decides that the show needs more violence. He shoots Tom Root in the head, killing him, and then proceeds to kill all of the phone operators (who are all recurring characters on the show). Seth once again tries to take the gun from Matt, but Matt kills him as well. He then shoots the cameraman and flees.

In his next appearance, Matt is told by the Adult Swim presidents that they have decided to renew Robot Chicken for a third season because Matt's actions at the telethon boosted their ratings. Suddenly, a zombified Seth Green breaks in and kills Keith Crofford. Matt and Mike Lazzo run to an elevator, and Matt pushes Mike towards the zombie Seth and zombie versions of the other characters killed in the telethon. Matt tries to escape, but the door is chained shut. The zombies reach him, and are momentarily distracted by his ringing cellphone. They are about to kill Matt, but decide not to when he shows them the new Robot Chicken contract, which has health benefits.

Senreich has another villainous role in "In Memoriam" from season three finale "Chirlaxx" where he and Seth are remembering deceased members of the show's staff. However, after they notice that only two of them died, Senreich and Green kill Matthew Beans after which Senreich tries to kill Green. This results in a fight during which three other cast members are killed only for it to end when Mike Lazzo shows up and cancels the show again. Senreich and Green then charge at him and presumably kill him after which they decide to look for more work.

Senreich has his third villainous role in "Appeasing the God" from season six finale "Immortal" where he and Green attempt to sacrifice teenagers for Adult Swim viewers' entertainment in a parody of Cabin in the Woods. Vast majority of the teens end up slaughtered after one of the items they touch summons a zombie Joss Whedon, although Dana Polk and the Nerd survive when they lose their virginity to each other after realizing they are re-enacting a horror film. As a result, Zombie Joss Whedon collapses and disintegrates while Mike Lazzo and Keith Crofford cancel the show again which in turn, leads to Senreich and Green shooting themselves.

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