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Won't you join me? MuWahahahahahaha!
~ The Mattress Demon

The Mattress Demon, also known as the "Demon Mattress", "The Demon in the Mattress" or "The Demon", is a demonic spirit personified as a possessed green mattress and the titular main antagonist of the episode "The Demon in the Mattress" of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


This spectral fiend hides in the beds within an unidentified mattress business run by both the Rat & the Weasel and seeks to possesses its living victims to spread chaos and horror.

He makes his presence known by manifesting an evil face to frighten Courage. He later shifts into its gaseous, cloudy form and immediately takes possession of Muriel changing her appearance to green skin with wavy orange hair with a deep, male, demonic voice. Courage and Eustace spend most of the episode to get rid of the evil spirit but the spirit laughed at their attempts and tried to scare them away by severing Muriel's head and asking them to give him a "helping hand" and pick up the head.

Until Courage uses the incantation to drive the spirit out of Muriel. Minutes later, he possesses Eustace but Muriel knocks him out with a rolling pin and orders the mattress to be taken back along with possessed Eustace.


  • It is a classic parody of the demon Pazuzu from The Exorcist.


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