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Go home, Mike. Go home and try not to think of me while you're screwing your wife. Go home, or screw me, Mike. Those are your only choices.
~ Matty seducing Mike

Matty McPherson is the main villain of the 2009 TV movie Blue Seduction.

She is portrayed by Estella Warren, who also played April Troost in the Law & Order franchise.

Matty is first seen getting out of a car and entering a tanning salon, where she listens to music and writes a song as a news report plays on the TV about Mikey Taylor, the lead singer of the rock and roll band The Saints whose career was short-lived due to his decadent lifestyle. In recent times, Mikey, recovered from his addictions and married to his most devoted fan Joyce, has fallen back on writing songs for a new album with his former band-mates Stanley and Dickie after the real estate market takes a dive.

Matty enters the recording studio and marvels at meeting Mikey, who prefers to be called "Mike." She then sings for the three men, and Mike finds himself taken with her. After the demo session, Matty follows Mike to his hotel, where the two bond and play the piano together. A short while later, Matty shows up at Mike's hotel room and quickly seduces him; Mike succumbs to her charms.

Soon, Mike finds himself unable to finish the album without Matty's help. Worse, Matty steadily leads him back into his past addictions to alcohol, drugs and sex, using those vices to keep him wrapped around her finger. At one point, Matty rapes Mike, then ties him to a chair and attempts to kill him, but he escapes. When Mike reports her to the police who send an officer to question her, she falsely claims that Mike raped her and gets a restraining order against Mike. When Mike violates the restraining order, Matty kidnaps Joyce and holds her prisoner.

Mike arrives to rescue his wife, but Matty stabs him twice with a knife, causing him to fall to the floor. Matty then reveals she's a killer and that her singing was just research. At that moment, an unharmed Joyce appears in the doorway, and it's revealed that she and Matty are working together to kill Mike so they can collect his insurance. Joyce stabs her husband and he falls unconscious. Matty calms Joyce and tells her she's okay now that she had Mike's insurance and royalties. As they hear police sirens approaching, Joyce tells Matty to punch her so she can fake an injury.

Moments later, Matty and Joyce relate a bogus story to the police about how Mike tried to attack them, then accompany an injured and barely-conscious Mike in an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, Mike is pronounced dead by a paramedic, but Matty and Joyce express no emotion. Mike then wakes up with a yell, startling the partners in crime, and the film ends.


I want a career in the music business. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
~ To Mike
You know what? You're right. You don't deserve to be treated like this. We're through, and I'm okay with that. You can go now. [...] Come on! You act like a puppy dog. Stop licking your wounds and get your butt in here for one last nightcap before you turn in.
~ To Mike
Have you ever had sex while being tied up?
~ To a bound Mike
Hey. I got your wife. It's like deja vu, except for she's the one who's drugged and tied up. But you know what? I don't really feel like having sex with her.
~ Calling Mike
You know, if you feel like coming on out to play, you might as well just come over. We can have a menage a troi. Or you can just wait 'till I slit her throat.
~ To Mike
You're easy to trick, but you're very hard to kill.
~ To Mike after he arrives to save his wife
Some people call it 'working.' Someone has to pay for your pointless existence.
~ To Mike
Killer! The singing was just for research. Pretty good, though, wasn't it?
~ To Mike
This is my real racket.
~ Right before Joyce steps out
The insurance, asshole.
~ To Mike, after he asks why she's doing what she's doing
Goodbyes never die.
~ After Mike passes out

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