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Mav qmd Portia are a married couple and the two main antagonists of the episode "Changing of the Guardian" from TV
The Changing of the Guardian 74
Series "The Simpsons".

Mav was voiced by Hank Azaria, and Portia was voiced by Rashida Jones.


Marv is a professional surfer and Portia is an environmental lawyer. At first, Mav and Portia become friends and they seem to be good people, but actually, Mav and Portia want to steal Bart, Lisa and Maggie, so that they get their children, in fact, in a shop showcase, Homer and Marge see a photo with Marv, Portia, Bart, Lisa and Maggie as a loving family.

At the end, Homer and Marge will recover their children and they will return to home. Portia have also a father nicknamed "Cool grandfather", who is seen when the Simpson family visited Mav's and Portia's House, located near Springfield Beach.



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