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Hey! Now they'll believe us!
~ Max believing that Lester has proof of the aliens Crystal and Amber being real, hoping that this evidence will release him, Steve and Laura from prison.

Max is a member of SALF, an organization made for the pursuit of aliens and one of the three main antagonists of Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders. He disguised himself as an alien to raid the gold underground.

He was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


He works for SALF with his two colleagues Steve and Laura. He's first seen in the station when he heard something strange from the monitors. He and his friends are convinced that they're in contact with aliens. When the gang came across the station he and his colleagues welcomed them. As they talked Velma saw some mud on his shoes (including the shoes of his colleagues), which makes her suspicious about them. As they speak they tell the gang that they might be in contact with aliens since they heard something on the monitors.

Max and his friends then disguised themselves as aliens. They scared Scooby and Shaggy by abucting them, just before meeting Crystal and Amber, but when the gang enter the mine, Max, Laura, and Steve have their cover blown by Velma, and has their accomplices go to search for Shaggy and Scooby. Then they finally reveal that they discovered the  mine was full of gold and they wanted to used it for their own interest.

With the rest of the gang still their prisoners, the Fake Military Police Officers come back and tell them that they found real aliens, which they think was a hallucination because he, Laura, and Steve are the aliens, but soon they realize that they were telling the truth. While Steve tries to capture Crystal, Amber, the latter alien, traps Max with their henchmen with a girder. Laura tries to pry them out, but their plan fails when Scooby uses a pipe to puncture a water tower getting Max and their henchmen wet before jumping on them.

The three SALF members and their henchmen are arrested by the police, Steve saying the ever popular cartoon phrase, "We would've gotten away with it if it Hadn't have been for those meddling kids!" and put into police van and send to prison.


YOW! (Laura: "Wha, what happened?") I got a blast from something!
~ Max telling Laura he suddenly heard something strange from the monitors.
I don't hear it anymore.
~ Max no longer hearing the strange sound.
A loud one (Steve: "You're kidding!")
~ Max and Laura telling Steve they've just got a loud reading.
Whatever it was, it's gone now.
~ Max noticing the strange reading is now gone.
Well we earned our pay from a local Sam today.
~ Max telling Steve they've earned their pay a local Sam.
Hey there.
~ Max saying hello to the Mystery Inc.
You folks own that green van outside of town? (Daphne: "Boy, everyone seems to know about our car troubles.")
~ Max asking the Mystery Inc. does the Mystery Machine belong to them.
It's a pretty small town, besides you can see that paint job from miles away. (Fred: "Yeah I guess you're right. Hey uh, you work on those SALF dishes?")
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. they could see the Mystery Machine's paint job from miles away.
Yup, the name's Max, I work at the station. We're monitoring the cosmos, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. (Fred: "Well, hey uh, I'm Fred, this is Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby.")
~ Max introducing himself to the Mystery Inc.
Nice to meet you all. (Velma: "Your work sounds interesting.")
~ Max delighted to meet the Mystery Inc.
Actually it's pretty boring, most of the time we just listen to static.
~ Max telling Velma the work at the SALF station is boring.
Not yet, but we're hoping. (Velma: "Do you ever give tours?")
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. they haven't made contact yet.
Uh, no one's ever asked but, I'd be happy to show you around. (Velma: "Great!")
~ Max deciding to give the Mystery Inc. a tour of the SALF station.
We never get visitors, let me pick up some oil here and I'll drive you over. (Fred: "Need any help?") Sure, thanks.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. he'll first get some oil before taking them to the SALF station.
Yeah, the radio dishes take up a lot.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. the oil they helped him load into the SALF van is for the SALF dishes (which was for some reason the wrong kind for hydraulics).
And he's right.
~ Max telling Fred, Velma and Daphne that Steve's right about the work at the SALF station being boring.
Yeah, they're the ones who put up that fence at Scorpion Ridge.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. about a government investigation team who put up a fence at Scorpion Ridge.
That's too bad, but Buck is a good mechanic, he'll have you out of here in no time.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. that Buck will get the Mystery Machine fixed up in no time.
Hey no problem, it was nice to meet people who think we're doing something worth while.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. it was nice to meet them when they're about to leave the SALF station.
Oh okay, well it was nice meeting you all. (Fred: "Same here, thanks.")
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. is nice to meet them.
~ Max picking up a walkie-talkie after Steve tells him to call it in.
Hey, I was doing my job when I stumbled onto this mine. (Fred: "What do you mean?")
~ Max explaining to the Mystery Inc. that he stumbled onto the mines underneath Scorpion Ridge, which is where he, Steve and Laura found all of the gold hidden inside them.
Well, you see, one day I was looking for a sight to place a fourth SALF dish, at the east end of Scorpion Ridge, when I stumbled on an opening to a small cave. We went back later with some equipment and explored the cave. I'm sure you can guess what we found, the mother of all mother loads. (Laura: "And best of all, no one knew about it but the three of us.")
~ Max explaining to the Mystery Inc. how he, Steve and Laura found the gold in the mines underneath Scorpion Ridge after stumbling onto them.
We found that these caverns run from Scorpion Ridge to right under the SALF station. (Laura: "But since all this property belongs to the government.") We decided to mine it four ourselves and, not report it.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. he and his colleagues found the caverns lead from Scorpion Ridge to underneath the SALF station, but have decided to only mine the caves for themselves and never report it since the area's on government land.
It's amazing what a few lights and a Hollywood sound effects CD can do.
~ Max showing the Mystery Inc. a movie set of an alien spaceship interior, which is what Scooby and Shaggy were in when Max and his colleagues in their alien disguises abducted them.
It's a sweet set up, we even make money off the cattle we steal at night to spook the local yocals.
~ Max telling the Mystery Inc. he and his colleagues also made money off the cattle that vanished with no trace.
Get away from us!
~ Max telling the real aliens to get from him and the fake MP's as Crystal and Amber approach them, before Amber ties a steal grinder around him and the fake MP's.
Hurry! Ow, careful with that! (Laura: "I'm trying to help you idiot!")
~ Max telling Laura to be careful as she tries to free him and the fake MP's from the steal grinder Amber tied around them.
There were, we saw them! They were big and... (Steve: "Give it a rest already, no one's ever gonna believe us!" Laura: "Yeah, we don't have any proof!")
~ Max trying to tell Lester that they've seen real aliens, but Steve then tells him not to as he and Laura know that no one will believe them.
Hey, now they'll believe us! (Steve: "Yeah!" Laura: "Maybe we can get a book deal!") Our lucks changing!
~ Max thinking he, Steve, Laura and the fake MP's might get out of jail if Lester's picture will be proof that they've seen aliens, before being taken away to prison.


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