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Did you just lock Sonya under there and spray an entire can of bug poison in her face? I mean. I’m not even mad. That’s just so messed up. You just Auschwitzed our friend!
~ Max to Cole upon Sonya's death.
You f***ing stud, Cole! I'm not even mad bro! Respect!
~ Max to Cole upon his third death.

Max is a sociopathic jock and the secondary antagonist of the 2017 Netflix horror-comedy film The Babysitter and one of the secondary antagonists of the 2020 sequel The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

He was portrayed by Robbie Amell.


Max is a sociopathic and wrathful who doesn't want anything other than to kill people. Just like the rest group, he has no problem trying to kill a minor, which happens to be Cole. He's incredibly wrathful and apparently irritated by just about everyone he meets, and at the very least harbors murderous thoughts towards them.

Despite his vile and explosive nature, he does display some positive (albeit weakly so) traits, such as honor when he convinces Cole to stand up to his bully Jeremy, and before attempting to kill him on the treehouse says that at the very least he'll "die a man" for asserting himself, even though said assertion failed. In the sequel, when he realizes that Cole has lost his virginity, he congratulates him, giving his enemy respect for besting them again, exclaiming that he's not even mad despite his oncoming damnation.



Prior to the events of the film, Max apparently worked at a diner, where he had to deal with customers who annoyed him greatly, and they made him so angry that he wished to kill. Bee approached him one day, and invited him into her cult, promising him that he'd be able to utilize these homicidal urges.

The Babysitter

He first appears as a regular jock and a member of Bee's group of friends but just like the others, he reveals his true nature as a serial killer and sadistically laughs when John gets squirted with blood. He then plays with Samuel's body like a puppet and helps hide the body. They then go to Cole's room to collect his blood and then plays with Cole's basketball along with John. However, Cole had found out what they were doing and tried to escape but passed out due to blood loss and is held hostage by them.

When he wakes up, Max is shirtless and it's later indicated that he was forced to give John a new shirt. At first, they are convinced to let Cole go but then hears the cops outside because Cole called them. When the cops come in, Max throws a fire poker at one of the cops' eyes, causing Allison to be shot in the boob. After Bee kills one of them via throat slit, Max sadistically finishes the other one off by ripping the fire poker off. Max also manages to use cop codes on the police radio to call off back up before remarking he should've been a cop. However, they are distracted when Allison complains about her injury but they unsympathetically offer no support, only for Cole to escape from the ropes. John chases after him but trips on a toy and falls on a trophy that pierces his jugular. An angry Bee orders Sonya and an enraged Max to get Cole and they go upstairs to kill him. However, Cole escapes through the window and starts hiding as the pair looks for him.

After Sonya's death, Max claps for Cole's plan of using a firework but then chases after him. However, Cole trips him and kicks him in the groin but Max claims he missed. He then tries to strangle Cole but then hears the local bully Jeremy egging Cole's house. He then encourages Cole to stand up for himself.

After Jeremy leaves, Max does congratulate him for being brave but still tries to kill him and chases him up to the treehouse where he sadistically reveals that he doesn't want anything, he just likes killing. However, he decides to wipe the egg yoke off of Cole's face and then tries killing him by strangling him, but the treehouse doesn't support his weight, and they both fall. He tries to hold on to a branch, but due to his hands being covered with eggs, he slips and the rope swing wraps around his neck and breaks it, effectively hanging him. Cole lets go out of shock and horror at Max's corpse.

The Babysitter: Killer Queen



Ooh! Let's go, Cole!
~ Max upon his return in Killer Queen.
Let's get our Cole cocktail on and finish this.
~ Max to his fellow cultist.


The Babysitter-

The Babysitter: Killer Queen-


  • Max's actor, Robbie Amell, also performed alongside Allison's actress, Bella Throne, in the 2015 teen comedy movie The DUFF.


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