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Please, don't kill me! I-I'll help tell everyone at Richmond about this! I'll help you get back inside! Expose her to the others... I'm begging you!
~ Max's last words to Javier if killed.

Max is a character in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. He is a high-ranking member of The New Frontier.


Ties That Bind - Part 1

Max first appears at a junkyard holding Javier Garcia at gunpoint after he siphoned their gas. The scuffle ended with his scout, Max knocking Javier out, and having him sent away.

Ties That Bind - Part 2

Max appears outside of Prescott attempting to negotiate with the community until his partner, Badger, reveals that he has one of the residents, Francine as a hostage. He tries to resolve the situation without violence, but Badger kills Francine and attacks Prescott. Max later appears at the gates of their outpost in Richmond holding Javier's group at gunpoint.

Above The Law

Max is still seen at the gate watching the scene before him. He is then ordered by David to let the group in the community.

He is later seen at a warehouse outside Richmond with Badger and Lonnie when they get ambushed by Javier's group. Badger is killed and Lonnie escapes, but Max is captured by David. It is there that Max reveals that Joan ordered him, Badger and others to raid nearby communities. He is either spared or killed depending on the player's choice.

If he was spared, he will tell everyone at the church about Joan's plan.


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