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Lucas, I'm gonna tear your world apart... I'm coming back to f**k you up!
~ Max to Lucas prior to his execution

Max "Meat Cleaver" Jenke is the main antagonist of the 1989 horror film The Horror Show. He is a serial killer and the archenemy of police officer Lucas McCarthy. 

He is portrayed by the late Brion James.


Jenke is a psychotic serial being hunted by Detective Lucas McCarthy and his assistant after he had abducted a young girl. The police manage to track Jenke to his lair, where they discover the remains of Jenke's previous victims. Jenke manages to kill McCarthy's assistant by severing his arms, and uses his kidnapping victim as a hostage, promising to release her if McCarthy drops his weapon. McCarthy complies, but Jenke goes back on his promise and murders the child anyways. Janke is detained by the police and sentenced to the electric chair.

After Jenke's death, he returns as a spiritual entity. Seeking revenge on McCarthy, Jenke begins to terrorize McCarthy and his family, tormenting McCarthy with images of his death family and killing McCarthy's daughter Bonnie's boyfriend. McCarthy is framed for the crime and imprisoned. McCarthy is told by an occult expert on how to defeat Jenke, but Jenke kills him.

Jenke rapes Bonnie and McCarthy's wife Donna, injuring McCarthy's son Scott in the process. In his final confrontation with the McCarthy's, he drags Lucas and Donna into his dimension, where he holds Donna hostage, threatening to kill her. Donna manages to escape from his grasp and she and McCarthy engage Jenke in a fist fight. Eventually, he is restored to human form by an electric shock, and killed when McCarthy shoots him, ending his reign of terror.



  • Jenke shares some similarities with Horace Pinker, as they are both serial killers who are executed via electric chair and return as powerful spiritual entities.
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