Let's see how you feel after a week in here. And in future, YOU CALL ME SIR
~ Max Koring

Max Koring is a secondary antagonist in Nightrise the third Power of Five novel.


Max is the very sadistic, cruel, bad-termpered brutish warden of Silent Creek prison in Nevada. Max Koring likes devising the most brutal punishments for misbehaving - such as throwing the boys in "solitary confinement" or beating them. He is a member of the evil Nightrise Corporation.

Max Koring is first introduced when Jamie gets falsely arrested as a prank by John Trelawney, senator, to find inside information on Nightrise. Max Koring is very much like Mr. Sir in the book Holes.

Max Koring knows about the twins Jamie and Scott and how important they are and is told to watch out for them. He is amused when Jamie summons him to his cell at midnight, and throws him in, and even more amused when Jamie asks about his brother. Max says "you have a brother?" laughingly. Then Max Koring gets angry at Jamie being superior to him and throws him in confinement for a week.

Later, the Native Americans arrive to free Jamie just as Colton Banes arrives for the night and he tries to get Jamie killed with Max Koring tagging around him. A Native shoots Banes and kills him and soon afterwards, although Max Koring survives the attack, he is arrested.

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