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I'm coming for you, Gru!
~ Maxime Le Mal calling his vengeance.
He stole my big number!
~ Maxime Le Mal talking about his talent show.
~ Maxime Le Mal about to drop Gru off the construction site to kill him.

Maxime Le Mal is the main antagonist of Illumination's 15th full-length feature film Despicable Me 4, the fourth installment in the Despicable Me franchise.

In his characterization, he is a cockroach-themed supervillain who becomes the fourth sworn adversary as well as the second archenemy of Felonious Gru; their conflict originates due to the fact that Maxime was humiliated by Gru during their time at school as well as when he was arrested during a sting operation, thereby seeking revenge on him and his family after he gets exposed for his crimes before getting arrested by the AVL. He is also the boyfriend of Valentina herself.

He was voiced by Will Ferrell, who also played Megamind in the film of the same name, the Black Knight in Family Guy, Jacobim Mugatu in the Zoolander duology, Larry the Architect in the MTV Movie Awards parody of The Matrix Reloaded, Franz Liebkind in the 2005 The Producers adaptation, Deangelo Vickers in The Office, Cam Brady in The Campaign, and Lord Business in The LEGO Movie duology.


Maxime is shown to be very arrogant, self-centered, unrelenting, and vengeful for a diabolical mastermind.

He will do whatever to get his revenge on Gru all because the latter stole Maxime's song for a talent show at ninth grade, showing that Maxime held a grudge towards Gru. Though he may prove to be smart and conniving, Maxime is nothing but stubborn and cruel for a vindictive and petty egomaniac himself.

Although, Maxime still genuinely loves his girlfriend Valentina and is never mean to her in any way, showing he’s not completely heartless.


Maxime is a tall and slim man with round glasses. He has brown eyes, slicked dark brown hair, a pointy chin, and a long nose. He wears a yellow bow tie, a seafoam green shirt under a dark green coat with a golden cockroach motif, a white collar with black spots, and white gloves, alongside brown pants that also have the cockroach motif and white shoes.


Early Life[]

Not much about Maxime's upbringing is shown in the film. However, it is known that he was somehow able to be found inside the Lycee Pas Bon School of Villainy, became the principal Übelschlecht's favorite, found a relationship with the most popular girl in the school Valentina, and unknown how he and Gru met each other in Lycee Pas Bon and became enemies for long time between two rivalry in school dance Gru mentioned Maxime prank Gru by pulled down his pants, humiliating him in front of all the students and everyone then Felonious Gru, stole his song, "Karma Chameleon", at the ninth-grade talent show, they became archenemies and rivals ever since.

Despicable Me 4[]

Award Ceremony[]

Now an adult, Maxime attended a class reunion of Lycee Pas Bon with Valentina and dozens of other villains. When a now-adult Gru arrived at the school to secretly arrest Maxime, Maxime started mocking him and they argued, asking "disappearance" and how he has gone down due to his dad bod and baldness as well as him renouncing villainy, humiliating him in front of everyone, and mention Gru didn't steal Moon leaving everyone laugh at Gru's humiliating, Soon after, the award ceremony happens, and Principal Übelschlecht happily gives the ex-student award to Maxime. When he comes onstage, he talks about how he has mutated and experimented on the cockroach, culminating in the reveal of his mutation into a cockroach-human hybrid, with his body adapting the appearance and strength of the animal. He also declares himself “unstoppable”. Gru then surprises Maxime that he is an AVL agent, before they both fight. Several AVL agents arrive and help Gru in taking down Maxime. They succeed, and Gru takes the award, but then Maxime briefly breaks free to attack Gru one last time, trying to slice him, but the AVL agents recapture him instantly, while Maxime swears revenge on Gru. It turns out he left a small scar on Gru’s face and also sliced the award in half, much to Gru's shock.

The Hunt Begins[]

Maxime sends a message from his cell, breaking out of his binds as he threatens that he will not go easy on Gru the next time they meet. He is eventually broken out of his prison by Valentina, as they return to their underground lair with his cockroach army. There, he announces his plans to target Gru's son, Gru Jr. as he hunts down his family. He then builds a cockroach airship, which he & Valentina use to emerge into the surface as they go off to start their hunt. On their way, it is revealed why he has such a grudge on Gru: he stole his supposed "Karma Chameleon" performance during their 9th Grade talent show. After he mopes, he is informed by Valentina that they have run out of fuel. In order to refill it, they stop by a mundane gas station. Maxime swipes his card to be able to fill his ship, but fails to do it in a rapid fashion, which he has been attempting to do. He then seeks help to an attendant, who becomes very uncordial with him. In retaliation, Maxime uses a blaster to turn him into a human-cockroach hybrid just like him.

Finding Gru & Kidnapping Gru Jr.[]

Later on, Übelschlecht contacts Maxime about Gru's location & has Valentina take them to Mayflower, where Gru is hiding. Before they could even break in & take Gru Jr., he just so managed to be outside. They use the opportunity to take him & gloat against Gru as his efforts to catch up to their fleeing ship become futile. Gru & his next-door neighbor, Poppy Prescott, manage to get to them through a flying carriage. Gru gets on the ship to get his son back, but by the time they stop at a construction site, Maxime has turned Gru Jr. against him, making him a human-cockroach hybrid. Maxime relishes as he & Gru Jr. take on the latter's father, but he eventually turns on the villain, with father & son now both fighting against him. Gru manages to knock him off the building, sending him falling down. But just when it was almost over, the Mega Minions arrive late to further squash him after the damage he has taken, culminating in Mega Jerry landing on him.

Defeat, Imprisonment and Making Amends[]

Once he is arrested again (alongside Valentina and Principal Übelschlecht), Gru visits him (now restored his human flesh body), instigating a friendly argument as Gru admits that he did steal his song back at the talent show only because Maxime pulled a prank on him and the whole talent show was payback for Maxime’s prank, but Maxime still hates him for that. In order for them to make amends, they put up a show singing "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" with the rest of the other prisoners in the AVL prison.


This is NOT over! You won’t have the AVL to fight your battles, you coward! Mark my words: I WILL EXTERMINATE YOU!!
~ Maxime swearing revenge on Gru.
Bonjour, Gru. I know you can hear me, so hear this. You think you can humiliating me, and get away with it? Yes? Well, NO!! When I break out of prison, I’m coming for my revenge, Gru! But this time, I won’t go so easy on you! (He breaks out of his restraints) (laughs) And I know where you live. So you better sleep with one eye open, ‘cause you can’t hide from me! (Laughs) SWEET DREAMS, GRU-SER!!
~ Maxime Le Mal swearing revenge on Gru in AVL prison.
Don't worry Gru, the baby is fine. See for yourself.
~ Maxime Le Mal showing a Mutated Gru Jr to Gru.



  • Will Ferrell provided Maxime with a French accent.
  • Maxime is the first villain in the Despicable Me franchise to make amends with Gru. However the film's ending seemingly shows that all the previous villains have put aside their grudges towards Gru and the Minions.
  • "Le Mal" is French and roughly translates to "bad"/"bad one".
  • He, El Macho, and Balthazar Bratt are the only three Despicable Me villains to already know about Gru's existence, as all of the other villains usually end up meeting him for the first time. He is also the only one in the franchise to not interact with Margo, Agnes and Edith.
  • Maxime Le Mal is fully human at the end of the movie, suggesting that Dr. Nefario was able to revert him back to normal the same way he reverted Gru Jr.
  • He is the second Despicable Me villain to be a genetically-altered human, with the first being El Macho following his ingestion of the PX-41 serum.
  • He is the second main villain to be in a romantic relationship, the first being Scarlet Overkill.
  • He could possibly be considered the most evil villain in the whole series, seeing that he was the reason the Gru family was forced to move away to not be killed, and also kidnapping Gru Jr and brainwashing him to join his side, something no other villain in the series wouldn't even imagine doing.
  • Like many of the series' other villains, he is a dark reflection of Gru. Both he and Gru were bright students at Lycee Pas Bon with plans to become great villains. However, due to the events of the first film, Gru realized that being a villain would never bring him true happiness, while Maxime never did. Had Gru not gone through his character arc, he would have become an obsessed and petty supervillain like Maxime.
  • Will Ferrell's casting as Maxime is interesting for two reasons:
    • Ferrell and Steve Carell have worked together multiple times before, but almost always as friends or associates, not usually as enemies.
    • On the same year that Despicable Me originally released, Ferrell starred as Megamind, a supervillain who was also redeemed in the movie of the same name, thus the two films competed against each other in the box office.

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