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Ha ha ha! I hope you have enjoyed your evening so far, ladies and gentlemen. I know I have. Now, before our final act, I would like to toast all of you brave people who joined us tonight to celebrate life... and death.
~ Maxwell Reveals his true form.
What? Snap a baby crow's neck between my thumb and forefinger? Slice to bits the ones you deem "innocent"? Keep the world in its divine manic state? For the same reason I do anything, why not?
~ Roth's last words to Jacob

Maxwell Roth is the one of the secondary antagonists along with Lucy Thorne in the video game Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. He is an associate of the templar and one of the seven henchmen of Crawford Starrick.

He was voiced by John Hopkins.

In the game

Starrick is a criminal mastermind located in London. He is the leader of the Blighters, an organized gang serving as henchmen and brutes for the Templar Order. Roth is a chaotic anarchist that operates after the motto "Why not?", prefering to do whatever he wants without thinking of consequences. Roth is rotten to the core and, despite his theatricality, is a force to be reckoned with.

After the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye found a gang - the Rooks - to combat the Templar influence in London, they mangage to slowly wrest away influence from Roth's Blighters. After the Assassin's have conquered three burroughs from the Blighters, Roth, who has watched the situation with interest, sends a dinner invitation to Jacob Frye. Although Evie warns him not to accept the invitation, Jacob meets Roth at Roth's headquarter, a theatre in the Strands, and sits down with him. Roth congratulates Jacob on his success so far, revealing that he does not hate Jacob for combating the Blighters but actually sees a bit of himself in Jacob and even admires him. He makes Jacob an offer, they will cause a little chaos in London while also hurting Crawford Starrick's empire. Jacob accepts.

Roth then leads Jacob to a nearby rooftop which is on the same level as a railroad bridge. Roth reveals to Jacob that a large amount of nitroglycerine is stored at a nearby train station and that he wants Jacob to blow it up. Jacob accepts, heads to the station, destroys the explosives and hijacks a train, which he drives to the drop off. There, Starrick takes over the train and thanks Jacob for his work. He claims that he needs to be going but invites Jacob back to his theatre for the next step of their plan.

He has also shown to be somewhat obsessed with Jacob Frye, even going as far as to burning down his theatre, just for Jacob to make his move.





  • Although the antagonists of the previous Assassin Creed games have been real historical figures, the villains in Syndicate are fictional because had real people been chosen, descendants could have been offended.


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