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Maxx Orbison is the main antagonist of the 1997 film Orgazmo.

He is portrayed by Michael Dean Jacobs.

Orbison is a bad-tempered porn director who orders his guards to attack Mormon missionary Joe Young when he knocks on his door to witness. Young defeats the guards, prompting Orbison to hire him as the star of his film "Orgazmo", due to his martial arts prowess.

Eventually, Young becomes sick of the lifestyle he is dabbling in and quits, causing Orbison to kidnap his fiance Lisa and hold her for ransom. With the help of his sidekick Choda Boy and his "Orgazmorator", which stuns people with forced orgasms, Young defeats Orbison and destroys his house.

Later, Orbison's testicles are amputated due to the excessive number of orgasms they have experienced. He vows revenge against Young and becomes "Neutered Man".