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Mantle needed me, and to the Marigolds, that meant I wasn’t their son anymore. And I made sure that everyone knew that I wasn’t their daughter.
~ May telling Weiss why she doesn't care for her family in Atlas

May Marigold is an anti-hero from the American animated webseries RWBY. She is a Huntress and member of the Happy Huntresses under Robyn Hill, who use vigilantism to protect and provide for Mantle.

She is voiced by Kdin Jenzen.



May became a Huntress after graduating from Atlas Academy, and went on to become a member the Happy Huntresses (whether they were a team in training or not is unknown). Her parents had cut ties with her due to her desire to help out Mantle.

Volume 7

May is first seen in the show using her invisibility Semblance to hide herself and Joanna Greenleaf, waiting for a chance to ambush attack a shipment that was intended for Mantle but was being rerouted to Atlas's Amity project. However, Penny Polendina advises them against it and prevents the ambush from happening, prompting her leader, Robyn, to back down.

She is next seen at Robyn's election party, in which Marrow Amin and Penny Polendina were attending for security purposes. May is insulted by this, as well as skeptical of their intentions, and tells Marrow to leave, though Robyn defuses the situation, telling the two that they'll have to get along if she gets elected. However, the rally is sabotaged by Tyrian and Watts, who murder several of Robyn's supporters and frame Penny for the massacre. Although Ruby said that Tyrian was the one responsible, May led a charge against her and the Atleasian operatives, only for Marrow to freeze them in place with his Semblance.

With Watts' hack, Schnee won the election. In retaliation against Ironwood (whom she still blamed for the massacre as well as Mantle's state), Robyn began a more active form of vigilantism, where she and her Huntresses attacked Atlas shipments and convoys, incapacitated the workers and guards, and stole the materials. May used her Semblance to hide the crimes from view, creating an invisible barrier that keeps anyone from seeing their crimes.

After Robyn is informed of the truth, May (along with the rest of the Huntresses) temporarily sided with Ironwood's team to protect Mantle from a Grimm attack caused by Watts. May continued to help Mantle even after Ironwood turned on them and had their leader Robyn arrested.

Volume 8

In the aftermath of Team RWBY and Ironwood's falling out, the remaining free Happy Huntresses offer them their assistance, beginning with a secure location to reassess their strategy. May coordinates evacuation and civilian survival efforts while Team RWBY and their associates recover. After a brief disagreement surrounding their plans for dealing with the incoming attacks and General Ironwood both, they break into two groups. Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Nora Valkyrie, and Penny Polendina form a group to broadcast a message to Remnant detailing the true threat of Salem, while Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, and Oscar coordinate with Fiona Thyme and Joanna Greenleaf in order to assist civillian safety relocation efforts.

May Marigold joins Ruby Rose's group, and they all close in on Snowshoe Consolidated Shipping, a building that can send equipment up to Atlas in a moment's notice. During this stage of their plan, May clarifies that neither she, nor the other Happy Huntresses bear any ill will due to their previous rivalry, and that she is eager to aid them in warning the world of Salem. In Robyn's absence, May also acquires her tendency to nickname those around her, although Penny feels hurt when May's nickname for her is "robo-girl", as well as at one point referring to her as a weapon. Once Penny points out that she was hurt by her words, however, May amends her word choice, solely referring to her as "Penny" from that point onward.

Once they've entered the Atlas facility, May uses her semblance to hide the group as they infiltrate, showcasing an impressive ability to hide several people at once. Her semblance is stated to have limits, however, as she is unable to navigate them through a busy room, and the team is forced to find another strategy. After causing a brief distraction, the team progresses forward using Ruby's semblance, while May splits off to ensure that they have an escape route. They later meet back up on the way out, and May's comedic side is shown once again, as she'd cloaked their airship from sight. Her playful tone drops once she realizes that Nora Valkyrie has been injured.

After flying back to Schnee Manor, during which flight Penny breaks off for a different objective, May assists Ruby, Weiss, and Blake in getting Nora to a bed to recover. She oversees an argument between Weiss and her younger brother, Whitley, during which Whitley expresses concern over the family's reputation. Later, May checks in with Fiona and Joanna, who report that Yang's group hasn't checked in for a concerning amount of time, but that their priorities are on the endangered citizens rather than Yang's group. May passes the information along to Ruby, Weiss, and Blake, before attempting to get them to join her in returning to Mantle to assist. They all disagree, but Weiss is the most vocal, expressing concern not just for Atlas' civilians, but for the present Grimm threat. She attempts to get May to see her perspective by bringing her family into the equation, at which point May states that the Marigolds aren't her family, due to the falling out resulting from her choosing to aid Mantle. May herself compares her ignorant cousin, Henry Marigold, to Whitley Schnee.

The disagreement continues to spiral when Ruby suggests that they all go and find Robyn Hill and Qrow Branwen, and set them free, to turn to them for aid. May disagrees, angrily stating that they need to decide what to do, and that none of them can turn to a higher authority for guidance. The argument is then cut off by Penny Polendina's return.

May returns to Mantle, contacting Ruby along the way to check on her, and to clarify that she understands their choice, and doesn't resent them for it. She is later seen in Mantle as conditions worsen, attempting to keep the civilians safe as they retreat into the mines. At another point, she attempts to check in with Ruby and her allies, to let them know that the aid ships they sent have closed in, but that other threats have materialized. Before she can continue, the call is interrupted by a broadcast from General Ironwood, threatening to use a bomb to destroy Mantle if Penny doesn't comply with his plan.

When Team RWBY manages to use the Relic of Creation to create a nexus of portals into Vacuo for escape, May is seen with the Happy Huntresses, moving civilians through to safety. May is horrified when Cinder Fall attacks, killing several innocent civilians in the process. She does everything within her power to save everyone else, leading them through to Vacuo, where they're now trapped, as the portals only work in one direction. As of the ending of Volume 8, she, Joanna, and Fiona are among the refugees in Vacuo, attempting to fight their way through the Grimm to make it to the city.

RWBY: Amity Arena

May appeared as a unit in the now shut-down mobile game, RWBY: Amity Arena. She attacked in a straight line with her spear, and her ability allowed her to create an aura that hid friendly units from enemy units for a breif period of time.


May is cold and serious, though occasionally sarcastic, when around her opponents (especially the military), talking down to them. To her allies, she is open and supportive, and will aid them even if their actions are illegal, prioritizing morality over legality.

However, she is most loyal to Mantle itself, as all her actions are done in its interests, be they taking back the Dust supply that Ironwood took from Mantle or aiding the civilians out in a crisis.



  • May has been confirmed to be the cousin of Henry Marigold.
  • May is the first transgender character on-screen in RWBY.

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