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"I'm her Mummy now!".
~ May's breakdown as she unsuccessfully attempts to steal Dawn's baby before later committing suicide.

May Wright is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the British soap opera EastEnders.

She appeared in 2006 and became a major antagonist in 2007 and 2008. During her time on the show, May became sworn enemies with established character Dawn Swann and later held her captive in order to steal Dawn's newborn daughter Summer Swann once the latter is born. When that fails, she attempts to abduct Summer and kill Dawn in a last-ditch effort to claim the motherhood that she desperately craved; May was again unsuccessful and she kills herself in a gas explosion afterwards.


May Wright first came to Albert Square in 2006 as the new local GP after her predecessor Oliver Cousins has left the area. She quickly feuds with local resident Dawn Swann, and they become sworn enemies when May learns that her ex-husband Rob Minter is dating Dawn.

In 2007, May breaks up her ex-husband and Dawn by convincing Rob to give their marriage another so. It soon transpires that May craves to be a mother; she and Rob have been trying for a baby from IVF and have faced many setbacks, with it's most recent occasion being May having a miscarriage. Six weeks later, May learns that Dawn is pregnant and that Rob is the father of her soon-to-be born child. She grows outraged that her attempts to get pregnant came out unsuccessful, whereas Dawn had accomplished was she wanted to achieve from Rob. After learning from a doctor that she is not ovulating and therefore unlikely to conceive, May is desperate for Rob's baby and offers Dawn £10,000 to have a baby and allow May to raise her; Dawn accepts the offer. She later plans with Rob to con Dawn by fabricating an expression that he loves her and suggesting they raise the baby together. When Rob grows irritated with May's behavior and walks out on her, she responds by taking the pills that were prescribed for other patients; she later pins the blame on her nurse Naomi Julien when this gets called into question, and Naomi ends up leaves the square due to May's actions.

At somepoint, May learns that Dawn is contemplating on keeping the baby rather than let May raise it. Incensed, she seduces Rob into reconciling with her and demands for him to lure Dawn into a trap. Rob complies and takes Dawn to his parents' house, whereupon he restrains her before May then shows up and drugs Dawn - rendering her unconsciousness. Afterwards, May and Rob kidnap Dawn and hold her captive so they can witness Dawn give birth; May threatens to issue a caesarean on Dawn unless she co-operations. However, Dawn manages to escape and decides not to return to the square upon suspecting that May and Rob will come looking for her. Eventually, Dawn goes into labor and she gives birth to a baby girl, whom she names Summer. The hospital are authorized not to inform Rob at Dawn's request, but May manages to sneak in using her GP status. She confronts Dawn and tries to convince her to surrender the baby by doubling her original offer, but Dawn refuses and May is forced to leave. May begins harassing and stalking Dawn unless she lets her take Summer, but then Dawn calls the police and May is arrested for kidnapping Dawn and attempting to abduct Summer.

During her time in police custody off-screen, May was transferred to a psychiatric hospital by the medical authorities after the police deemed her unwell and decided not to press charges. May never took her treatment seriously, but falsely portrays herself as it she was doing that in order to be released and continue her quest to take Summer from Dawn. When she did get released, though, May was devastated when Rob divorced her and got engaged to another woman who would later get pregnant. Because of this, May was grown increasingly unstable to the point of exhibiting signs of psychotic and delusional mannerisms. She soon resolves to try and kidnap Summer from Dawn once again, becoming obsessed with getting the baby for herself more than ever now.

In 2008, May reappears on the square and seduces Dawn's fiancée Jase Dyer by hiring him to decorate her house. She later tricks him into letting her babysit Summer, planning to flee the square with her for good. But this backfires when Summer has teething problems, and Jase is forced to return the baby to Dawn on the day May was supposed to take her. May is upset by this outcome and begins to drown her sorrows. Jase later finds her unconscious and May tells him about how she lost her baby, which she then claims is with another family. When she eventually gets to see Summer on her own, May whispers to the baby that she loves her and claims that Dawn is an unfit mother. Adding to May's wrongful assertion is her discovery that Dawn is struggling to bond with Jase's young son Jay Brown, which further convinces May that both Dawn and Jase are not coping as parents for Summer.

On Summer's birthday, May confronts Dawn in person and breaks into their home to try and kidnap Summer. She knocks out Dawn's brother, Mickey Miller, with a crowbar before locking Dawn and Summer in a bedroom. After explaining to Dawn that she and Rob are divorced, May attacks Dawn when she tries to leave and begins to taunt her - accusing Dawn of not looking after Summer by asserting that Dawn has applied fake suntan lotion to her for a baby beauty contest and that she would likely get a tattoo for Summer's 18th birthday. Dawn dismisses May's accusations and tries to fight back, but May overpowers her by tearing ligaments on her rival's foot. May then takes Summer, calling her "Sophie", and begins to pack the baby's things. Before she could escape, however, Dawn distracts May until Mickey regains consciousness and reclaims Summer before throwing May out of the bedroom.

Mickey then locks the bedroom door to stop May from harming Dawn or taking Summer away from her. May then tries desperately to smash the door down with the crowbar, but is unsuccessful and ends up having a mental breakdown. Realizing that she has no chance of getting Summer now and distraught with her failure to get pregnant, May decides to commit suicide. She goes downstairs and turns on the gas in the house, then opens the music box that she had brought for Summer. Thereupon May lights cigarette while the gas is still active, which causes an explosion in the house that instantly kills May. The explosion nearly kills Dawn and Summer as well, but they manage to escape with Mickey and some help from their neighbors. Dawn and Summer are subsequently taken to hospital, where they both recuperate and Dawn learns from her family that May has died in the explosion. Back in the square, May is pronounced dead and her body is taken away.



  • In the storyline "Summergate" that centers on May kidnapping Dawn and holding her captive, it was initially planned that May would instead abduct Dawn's newborn baby moments after it's birth. But that part of the plot was abandoned due to the coincidental real-life events regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, which represented similarities to the "Summergate" scenario that was written in the end.