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Maya is the central antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Craig of the Creek. She is the bodyguard and assistant of King Xavier.

In Season 2, she serves as the secondary antagonist of "The Other Side", the main antagonist of "Sugar Smugglers" and the central antagonist "Into The Overpast", and she returns as the secondary antagonist in the 3rd Season.

She was voiced by Sydney Mikayla in her first villainous role.



Before the events of Craig of the Creek, She and Omar used to be friends until one day they met a kid named Xavier where they would save him from falling off a tree. Later at the King's lair, Xavier had Omar and Maya tested them to become his trusted one BFF, causing Maya to fight Omar, where she would then become an official, trusted best friend.

Craig of the Creek

Season 2

Maya first appeared ink “The Other Side” where she led the Honeysuckle Rangers to The King's castle, where he was shown giving some basketballs to a kid who lost them. When The Honeysuckles came up and presented him with the stolen map of information, hoping that he would like it enough to become best friends with them. King Xavier was amazed by what he saw and quickly and bluntly thanked them for presenting him with the map and then told them to be on their way, without granting them a well-deserved friendship. One of the Honeysuckles, (Shawn) got mad and told King Xavier that he was being a selfish jerk for taking what he wanted and not giving him and the other Honeysuckle (Raj) anything in return.

Quietly angered, King Xavier told Shawn that he did lots of great things for his kingdom and that he should be thanking him. Shawn apologized for disrespecting him and so did Raj. However, they were secretly letting Craig, JP, and Kelsey escape. King Xavier forgave Shawn and Raj but he warned them that if they ever disrespected him again, he'd drop them in the maze. Just then, Craig escaped and threw a protractor at the net full of balls above King Xavier, causing them all to rain down on him. Craig snatched the map and ran off with it but not without the cost of Maya destroying Kelsey's sword. After Craig, JP, and Kelsey escaped.

King Xavier told Maya that they weren't done with Craig of the Creek and they'd have to keep an eye out for him the next time they saw him.

Season 3

In another episode, Craig joins the King's birthday parade, and King Xavier catches him and throws Craig, Kelsy, JP, and Craig's Cousin in a maze. In the future, King Xavier could take over the creek.

As the kids of the creek are famished from the lack of candy, King Xavier and his champions float down the creek throwing out candy. Xavier arrives at Kit’s Trading Tree and is introduced by Maya. Xavier claims that he heard that kids on this side of the creek aren’t able to get candy and snacks and need to trade when they do want them, which he claims isn’t the case for his side. Xavier promises to give the kids all the candy they could eat.

While taking questions, Craig comes forward and asks why should the kids trust Xavier given that Xavier dumped him and his friends in his maze, stole his map, and started a deadly snowball fight? Xavier manages to deflect the allegations by pointing out that Craig came over to his side of the creek first to win presents in Xavier’s birthday tournament that he wasn’t invited to, points out that Craig still has his map, and asks Craig if he doesn’t think snowball fights are fun? Xavier gives the creek kids a bouncy castle to play in as a present in exchange for them writing down their emergency contact information.

Over the summer, Xavier starts exerting more control over the creek and its citizens. Craig finds out that Xavier bought the Waterfall from the Ninja kids in exchange for discontinued squishers. Xavier then takes the Horse girls’ meadow for use as an archery range for any recruits for his army. When the Ice Pop Trio have a friendly competition over whether Craig can draw something faster than Sparkle Cadet can make a bubble of whatever thing Cannonball says aloud, a bubble gets into Xavier’s eye causing it to sting. Maya retaliates by grabbing Sparkle Cadet’s wand and spilling the bubble soap inside of it.

At the playground, Toman challenges King Xavier to a game of H-O-R-S-E and Xavier is genuinely happy by the offer. Toman effortlessly makes a behind-the-back shot which makes Xavier scared and he badly misses the shot. The other kids laugh at Xavier’s missed shot and Toman rubbing salt in the wound makes Xavier angry and he bans H-O-R-S-E from the Creek. Toman says he can’t do that and Xavier says he can do that if the other kids want to have candy since he’s now the only source of candy and snacks at the Creek with Kit gone.

Craig has enough and says candy isn’t worth Xavier bossing them around and throws his candy at Xavier’s feet. The Squashinator comes out and Kelsey defends Craig. But Maya takes over and easily defeats Kelsey.

As Xavier rides a bike, he ordered Aggie and Maya to destroy the Ten Speeds’ ramps after he fell, as he leaves, The Sugar Swipers steal his candy as he calls Maya for help, he scolded her for not protecting him, much to Maya’s dismay.

Maya then goes to the sleepover at Xavier’s house, as she, Jason, and the champions went to his basement, the buddies hang out and play Power Punchers. Maya asks if Xavier has more squishers and Xavier tells her that he doesn’t because she wasn’t by his side and didn’t stop the raid that happened since she was destroying the ramps. Maya points out that she was only destroying the ramps because Xavier told her to and tells him she can’t be everywhere at once. Xavier tells her that he doesn’t want her to be everywhere, just by his side, and warns her that her position as his BFF is on the line if she disappoints him again. Maya meekly apologizes and Xavier takes over Jason’s controller when he was about to win his Power Punchers match to win in his place.


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