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I'm Rasul, can't you tell by my big titties?
~ Maya to Kick-Ass when he's looking for Rasul

Maya is a prostitute who appears in Kick Ass when the protagonist of the same name to warn Rasul to stay away from Katie Deauxma.When Kick-Ass asks for Rasul, she responds with, "I'm Rasul, can't you tell by my big titties?" and rubs her boobs, turning Kick-Ass's eyes huge for a second. She is eventually killed by Hit Girl's twin blade staff.


No biographical or background information for her character was given. Maya only appears in Kick Ass. She was killed by Hit Girl when she rescued Kick-Ass and killed Rasul, and his gang members.

She is not given a name in the film (the credits list her only as "Female Junkie"), but the associated comic book ("Kick-Ass #3") refers to her as Maya. She is portrayed by Katrena Rochell.


  • She has large breasts that distracted an aroused Kick-Ass for a moment.
  • Hit-Girl fatally stabs her twice off-screen
  • She was the only female member of the gang, at least in the room. She is also the only member with an accent that was there at the time.


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