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"Good one, Gill"
~ Maya To Gill

Maya is A Minor Antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1: Order Up and The secondary Antagonist of Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5: Order Up. 


Maya has a Blaze Rod armor, brown hair, and black Armor Pants. 


Maya seem to be a young Woman who is very selfish and arrogant, like most of the other Blaze Rods. She is extremely loyal to her boss Aiden.


Enchanted Diamond Sowards

Spawn Eggs 

Firework rockets 



"Boom! Egg!"

-Maya To Petra

"Hey, you, get a load of this! 

-Maya to the Wither Storm


  • She works for Aiden. 
  • She is a Secondary Villain along with Gill in Order up.
  • In Season 2, Aiden writes a letter to Jesse saying that he wants to Redeem himself. It can be Possible that The other Blaze Rods want to redeem themselves too.



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