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She doesn't really love you, how the way I do. I know you didn't mean to leave me, you love me; you just don't know it yet. You've just got to give the chance I deserve. To give me the chance I deserve, for all our sakes.
~ Maya Sharma

Maya Sharma is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera Coronation Street. She was as a central character in 2003 and the main antagonist in 2004.

In her storyline, Maya was a lawyer who embarked on a relationship with established character Dev Alahan and feuded with his girlfriend Sunita Parekh. The eventuality of Dev and Sunita getting married would ultimately lead to Maya exposing her true colors as a demented madwoman capable of plotting such cruel and malicious schemes in order to get her own way.

She was played by Sasha Behar.


Maya Sharma was originally introduced as a lawyer advising Roy Cropper and his partner Hayley on his custody of Amy Barlow. Local shopkeeper Dev Alahan takes a liking to her, and Maya strikes up a friendship with Frankie Baldwin. However, things are shown to be wrong with her when she steals vases and steals Tyrone Dobbs' dog Monica.

Dev begins rekindle his relationship with Sunita Parekh after she is diagnosed with a brain tumour. Although acting sympathetic and a caring friend, Maya grows angry when Dev declares his love for Sunita and she goes onto trashing his shop. When Sunita recovers Dev gets back with Sunita, which infuriates Maya who, during the engagement party of Dev and Sunita, splashes wine over Sunita's wedding dress.

Maya begins marrying illegal immigrants in Sunita's name, which causes the couple to be arrested on their wedding. However when Dev investigates, he gets a taxi driver who witnessed Maya going to one of the illegal marriages and has her reported, which leads to her arrested. But Maya is released on bail, and in a revenge plot begins burning down Dev's shops. She kidnaps Sunita and holds her hostage in the flat above the Corner Shop on Coronation Street and lures Dev there. She bounds and gags the pair and sets fire to the shop, but they end up being rescued by Charlie Stubbs and Ciaran McCarthy.

Maya spots this rescue and in a frenzy drives her car at the pair but ends up crashing into the viaduct. She reverses out to have another go, but is crushed by a lorry. It was later mentioned she was on life support, and Maya was later imprisoned to await trial. What became of Maya later hasn't been disclosed.



  • Sasha Behar (the actress who played Maya Sharma) has won and been nominated for some awards for both her character's performance and it's contributing storylines.