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Zed? It's Maynard. Yeah, a spider just caught a couple of flies.
~ Maynard phones Zed after capturing Butch and Marcellus.

Maynard is a major antagonist in Quentin Tarantino's 1994 crime thriller film Pulp Fiction. He is a rapist who victimizes men that he and his accomplice Zed kidnap. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the chapter "The Gold Watch".

He was portrayed by Duane Whitaker.


Boxer Butch Coolidge was being chased by crime boss Marcellus Wallace after he attempted to kill Marsellus by running him over. Butch eventually stumbled into Maynard's pawn shop to hide from Marsellus. Maynard questioned him, wondering what Butch was up to. Ignoring Maynard, Butch ambushed Marsellus as he arrived in the pawnshop, disarmed him, and prepared to shoot him in the head. Suddenly Maynard pulls out a shotgun and holds Butch at gun point, forcing him to drop his pistol and approach the desk with his hands behind his head. Maynard then knocks Butch out by striking him with the butt of the rifle, while Marcellus passes out following his scuffle with Butch. Meanwhile, Maynard phones Zed and states that, "the spider caught himself a couple of flies".

Later on, Maynard woke them both up by spraying them with a fire extinguisher, where they find themselves bound and gagged to chairs in Maynard's basement. Zed then arrives and they awaken The Gimp, one of their captured victims who was driven insane from their torment. Zed couldn't decide who wanted to rape at first, and so he eventually picked Marsellus with a game of "eenie meenie miny moe". Following this, Zed and Maynard brought him to the back room. They bent Marsellus over a vaulting horse in the room and took turns raping him. Butch managed to untie himself and knocked The Gimp out. Just as Butch is about to leave the pawn shop, he realizes that he cannot leave Marsellus at the mercy of Zed and Maynard and goes back to save him with a katana in hand.

Butch sneaks into the back room, witnessing Zed raping Marsellus while Maynard masturbated. Maynard then notices Marsellus turn his head to look at Butch, and turns around, only to be faced with Butch, who slashes him across the chest before stabbing him in the stomach, causing him to fall to the ground and pass out. Maynard's final fate is unknown, but it is certain that if he did not die of his wounds he was killed not long after when Marsellus called in his crew to torture Zed for raping him.


  • The room in which Zed and Maynard take Marsellus to is referred to as "Russel's Old Rom", implying that they may have sadmozied and killed one of their former victims.
  • According to the screenplay, Zed and Maynard are brothers.
  • according to Quentin Tarrentino, it was Maynard that overpowered a hapless hitchhiker 7 years ago, that ultimately became the Gimp


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