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It is not a human being, it is an it. You kill an it.
~ Mayor Pete Belgoody

Mayor Peter "Pete" Belgoody is the main antagonist in the 1984 film The Toxic Avenger. He is the mayor of Tromaville who is really the crime lord of the town's largest crime ring.

He was portrayed by the late R. L. Ryan.


The mayor is first seen in the towns health club eating a large sub sandwich and getting a message. He is later shown discussing with his comrades that three of his henchman was killed by a monster (a teen that was mutated by toxic wast named Melvin).

He is later seen at the club again getting a massage and eating a sub again, where he is talking with one of his lackeys about drug money. Later he finds out about how Melvin is killing most of his crew, and some of them are actually turning themselves in for their own safety.

So Belgoody decides to take matters on himself and calls the army to destroy Melvin. When he and the army have him surrounded, the army decided not to shoot him due to people standing up for him.

So the mayor decided to shoot him himself, but Melvin does not get harmed by the bullets and ultimately pull Belgoody's organs out, gruesomely killing him. 

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