Cole (also known as Mayor Cole) is the main antagonist of the 2008 City of Ember film. He is the current mayor of Ember from City of Ember. He was the greedy mayor of Ember during the events of the first City of Ember book.

He was portrayed by Bill Murray.


Cole is a greedy and selfish mayor who likes eating food. He was also the 7th mayor of Ember.


During the beginning of the second book, it was revealed that Cole's boat capsized and he presumably perished by drowning in the river's current.

In the film, he got killed by a mole monster.


The Mayor is a human with a dark reddish jacket and has a medal or a necklace around his neck.


Mayor Cole loves eating food and he acts very greedy and selfish because when he steals food, he wouldn't share the food with anyone which means he doesn't care about anything or anyone except for himself.

The Mayor can also act demanding and mean because he was angry with Lina because she refuses to open the box that she was holding and he told his guards or henchmen to hurt Lina.

Since the mayor doesn't care about anyone except for himself, he is somewhat arrogant.

Reasons why he counts a villain

  • When he was stealing food to stop himself from dying, he would never share the food with anyone which means that he was willing to let everyone (except for himself) die.
  • When Lina wouldn't open the box that she was holding, the mayor got angry with Lina and he told his guards/henchmen to hurt Lina for not opening the box.
  • He abused someone by pushing him and hurting him and then he went in a room and stopped the person that he abused from coming inside of the room.
  • He attempted to steal a box from Lina.


  • Despite getting killed by a mole monster in the movie, the scene where Mayor Cole getting eaten was unseen right after he was screaming because of the mole monster.
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