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Mayor McDonough (or M7-62) is the Mayor of Diamond City and a possible antagonist in Fallout 4. He is a synth sent by The Institute to infiltrate Diamond City.

He was voiced by Charlie Warren.


Fallout 4

When the Sole Survivor goes to Diamond City, he encounters Piper Wright, and they both trick Danny Sullivan into entering Diamond City. When they both entered, they're both confronted by Mayor McDonough, who scolds at Piper and welcomes the Sole Survivor into Diamond City. When the Sole Survivor found out the identity of Conrad Kellogg, the Sole Survivor can pass a medium charisma check to get the key to his house.


If the player chooses to side with either the Minutemen, the Brotherhood, or the Railroad, a mission called "In Sheep's Clothing" will appear.

Danny Sullivan saw McDonough speaking with a synth, telling him he's been discarded. After this, McDonough shoots and critically injures Danny, who was running to the elevator. When the Sole Survivor talks to Danny, he/she can either give him a stimpak, have Curie heal him, get a doctor for him, or tell him to "let go."

When the Sole Survivor gets to the Mayor's office. Piper is kicking the door, screaming at McDonough saying that she knew he was a synth. When the Sole Survivor opens the door, McDonough is holding a gun and holding Geneva, his secretary, hostage. He tells Piper and the Sole Survivor that he will be discarded to the wolves and that he's the mayor. The Sole Survivor can pass a medium charisma check to let go of Geneva, then he will tell Piper and the Sole Survivor that he will either leave Diamond City a free man or will kill everyone.

If the Sole Survivor chooses to let him go, he will leave and won't miss Diamond City. If the Sole Survivor chooses to attack McDonough, he will try to kill Piper and the Sole Survivor. If the Sole Survivor chooses to make him stand trial, he says he won't rot in prison while people in Diamond city gloat, after that he makes his final stand.

If the player sides with the Institute, the mission will be unavailable.


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