Mayor Mellow
Mayor Mellow is the mayor of Peaceville. He is voiced by Kedar Brown.


Best known for being louder than anyone he’s trying to keep quiet. Mellow’s a walking, talking contradiction. Whether he’s shouting in your ear or over the town’s built-in ‘Mr. Speaker system’, Mayor Mellow is either in your face or on your case with his unlikely cohort, a picture of his deceased mother, which he publicly confides in, like Norman Bates in Psycho (sans le murder). On top of his mayoral duties, Mellow wears every other official hat in town (post office, warden, police constable etc.) He takes his job way more seriously than he should-this guy is everywhere. As annoying as he is, the Mayor’s intentions are good. He wants nothing more than to keep his town and its citizens happy, safe and ‘peaceville’. But ‘the band’ keeps harshing his mellow. He’s afraid their success will turn his peaceful little town into a zoo full of corporate crocodiles and power tie-d producers. He plots to silence the band but his ideas are so absurdly ill-conceived, they always leave him with egg on his face. And despite all his ‘peace keeping’ efforts, the Mayor isn’t even a blip on the band’s radar. But that won’t stop him (and his mom) from trying again tomorrow. Mayor Mellow talks mostly in rhymes, to have more fun with himself.


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