Mayor Phillip Fitzhugh is a recurring antagonist of the Disney show Recess. He is the the mayor of Third Street.

He was voiced by Ronnie Schell.


Like quite a few mayors in fiction, Fitzhugh is depicted as rather incompetent and corrupt as well as a bit of a bully: these qualities combined with his position of authority has led him into confrontation with T.J. Detweiller and his gang on a few occasions.


Fitzhugh was known for his so-called calls for re-election rather than any real ideology, even willing to hand down sever punishments on children for even the slightest actions that they have done.

It was not until the episode "The Biggest Trouble Ever" when T.J. and his gang accidentally destroyed the statue of Thaddeus T. Third III by climbing on it. Unaware of the fact that several workers neglected to bolt the statue into the ground that could have prevented it in the first place, Fitzhugh decides to make an example on the kids by announcing that he will send each of them to separate schools. This does not suit well for the kids, even Principal Prickly and groundskeeper Muriel Finster are quite horrified by this, believing that this punishment is a little too extreme beyond their own methods of punishment.

During the trial, T.J. confessed that he and his friends are genuinely remorseful as they had no intention in destroying the statue in the first place, but Fitzhugh refuses to back down. Just before he could declare the punishment official, Thaddeus T. Third V (the grandson of Thaddeus T. Third III) arrived to the scene, berating Fitzhugh for treating the kids as hardened criminals. To ensure of his point, Third shows a slideshow of several kids climbing the statue (including a young Prickly and Finster). Third also showed a photo of a young Fitzhugh trying to break the statue by shoving, proving that Fitzhugh is a hypocrite. Third also pointed out that the statue wasn't bolted down to the ground and that the kids were unaware of it the entire time.

Realizing now that is he in trouble and facing disapproval from the other adults for his actions against the children, Fitzhugh agrees to drop all charges against the kids before ordering the media to take pictures of him making a public apology.


  • Mayor Fitzhugh is one of the few antagonists in the show who is obviously corrupt, and he almost crossed the Moral Event Horizon if Mr. Third V hadn't interfered on behalf of the kids.


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