People, people, you worry too much! The body is perfect shape!
~ Mayor Phlegmming dishonestly assuring the reporters that the body is in perfect shape.
Son, do me a favor and read what it says on your arm. [Drix: 'For the temporary relief of symptoms associated with...'] Exactly! Temporary. You're nothing but a wannabe, a placebo, a generic brand, marked down, over-the-counter, useless Tic-Tac! [Drix gasps in shock] NOW, GET OUT OF MY BODY!
~ Mayor Phlegmming telling Drix that he outlived his purpose.
I wonder what this does?
~ Mayor Phlegmming's last words before pressing the "Do not touch" button and getting ejected out of Frank's body as a fart, getting killed.

Mayor Charles Phlegmming, or better known as Mayor Phlegmming, is the secondary antagonist of the 2001 Warner Bros. film Osmosis Jones. He was the corrupt mayor of the City of Frank, before being beaten by his political rival Tom Colonic.

He was voiced by William Shatner, who also played James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise, Kazar in The Wild, General Shanker in Escape From Planet Earth and Two-Face in Batman vs. Two-Face.


Phlegmming is first shown in the movie as he is being followed through the cerebellum hall by news reporters repeatedly asking him questions on the various problems in Frank DeTorre's body. He brushes off their concerns and dishonestly assures them that the body is in perfect shape. When he reaches his office, his secretary, Leah Estrogen shows him his political opponent Tom Colonic's new campaign ad, which he views with extreme annoyance. This makes him decide to double down on Frank's consumption of junk food, despite Leah's concerns. He also illegally controls Frank's thoughts and has him decide to take a cold pill against Leah's wishes. 

The next day, Phlegmming appears on TV and gives a speech about a vacation to the Annual Chicken Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York. A minute later, Osmosis Jones and Drixenol Koldreliff comes to Phlegmming's office after Jones and Drix narrowly stop a runny nose. Jones tells the mayor his suspicions that the malevolent virus called Thrax may be more than just a cold and Leah suggests that they put the city on high alert. Phlegmming, however, chooses to ignore Jones' warning, a decision that would haunt him later, though he does threaten to throw Jones out of the city and put him in Frank's next nosebleed if he speaks about a virus.

Later, after Jones and Drix destroy a nightclub inside a zit on Frank's forehead while uncovering Thrax's scheme to kill Frank, Phlegmming is furious and decides to close down the investigation and fire Jones. He then orders Drix to leave Frank's body through the bladder. Fortunately, although Jones relapses for a while, he didn't truly give up, and he, along with Drix, disobeys Phlegmming's orders and tries to stop Thrax.

Thrax infiltrates the brain of Frank, and steals Frank's DNA chromosome. This causes Frank's temperature to rise to hazardous levels, which gives an intense fever to DeTorre, almost causing him to die. Meanwhile, after Leah tells Phlegmming off for not caring enough about Frank's body, he, Phlegmming could do nothing but watch as the City of Frank burned to the ground.

Jones chases Thrax onto Shane's false eyelash. There, the two have a confrontation, Jones winning in the end when Thrax falls off the eyelash into a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which dissolves him to death. Jones returns to Frank's brain and restores the City of Frank by putting the DNA chromosome back where it belongs.

Fortunately, after the massive disaster, Phlegmming faces a massive scandal. In the mayor re-election, his rival wins in a landslide, and Phlegmming is impeached, removed from office, and demoted to an Intestinal Cleaner while Jones and Drix are declared heroes for saving Frank with Jones getting his old job back.

While working at his new job, Phlegmming presses a button that was labeled with, "Do not touch." This caused him to be blown out of Frank's body, as a fart, causing his demise as he goes out of the City of Frank.


Phlegmming is an arrogant, careless, and cruel control freak whose only concern is to stabilize his position as Mayor. Everything else that he does is only for his selfish interests, not for Frank's or his citizens. The only time he is shown feeling regret and remorse for his actions was when his mayoralty was at stake as Frank's temperature neared a fatal 108 degrees.


  • Some fans claim Mayor Phlegmming to be the true antagonist of the film, as it was his fault Frank contracted Thrax. However, Thrax is still easily the main villain, as he is more malevolent and had bigger plans.
  • Had he stopped being the Mayor of Frank (or he had been a better mayor) by the beginning, Frank might have had less of a chance of contracting Thrax.
  • Despite his questionable way of keeping Frank "healthy", he does seem to show concern for Frank getting ill.
  • The late Brian Murray, the late Gregory Peck, Colm Meaney, Alan Cumming, James Woods, Christopher McDonald, Tommy Lee Jones, Eric Roberts, the late Patrick McGoohan and the late Ernest Borgnine were all considered for the role of Mayor Phlegmming before William Shatner was cast.
  • He is the first animated character to be voiced by William Shatner.
  • The fact that he's basically the leader of all the cells in Frank, but is utterly motivated by self-interest rather than morality sort of makes him an anti-thesis to William Shatner's most famous character, James T. Kirk from Star Trek.
  • Mayor Phlegmming has some similarities to the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, as both of them use lies, false information, and disregard a dangerous disease to secure their power, only for them to lose their positions of power.


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