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I hate Izumiko makes me want to smash her face!
~ Mayura Souda

Mayura Souda is the most prominent villain in the anime Red Data Girl. She is one of Izumiko best and dangerous adversary or enemy. At first she is Izumiko friend and schoolmate, roomate in dormitory. She envy Izumiko because of her popularity and being beautiful so Izumiko gets many people's attention. Now, she became mad and eventually fall into mental breakdown and truly became a psychopathic killer she even tried to kill one of Izumiko friends but failed when Izumiko uses her special powers. She manipulate other people and uses them as pet to attack Izumiko. She first appear in Episode 4.


Mayura has brown hair that goes up to her neck and she has two separate bangs on each side. She has brown eyes and brown hair she wears casual clothing and mostly seen wearing her uniform.


At first Mayura is gentle and charismatic the history club is actually her fan club staff, SMF ( Soda Mayura Fanclub. She mostly kind of the time but when she envy Izumiko she became a psychopathic killer and extremely dangerous.


Mayura powers and abilities are borderline omnipotent due to her extensive reality warping abilities and capable of creating/summoning demonic creatures. She has also superhuman strength and agilitiy and capable of casting spells so she can create fire and telekinetically moved things with her mind. She has also necromancy and teleportation, she can create darkness and can create anything she can manipulate curse and live forever.


  • She is voice by a Japanese voice actress Madoka Yonezawa and Kristi Kang for the English dub.

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