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Pain and suffering. Music to my ears.
~ Mazikeen expressing her fondness of life in Hell.

Mazikeen, better known by her nickname Maze, is an anti-heroic tritagonist in the TV series Lucifer, appearing as an anti-hero in Season 1, one of the tritagonists of Seasons 2 and 4, one of the two secondary antagonists (along with the Decoy of Sinnerman) of Season 3 and a major antagonist in Season 5.

She is a demon from Hell, the daughter of Lilith and former right-hand of Lucifer Morningstar. Over time, Maze became a bounty hunter and grew fond of living on Earth, especially alongside Linda Martin and Trixie Espinoza. However, she has on several occasions sided with individuals for her own benefit, including Marcus Pierce and now Michael Demiurgos, which has pitted her against her friends and allies.

She is portrayed by Lesley-Ann Brandt, who also played Larissa Diaz in Gotham.




Mazikeen is one of Hell’s most decorated torturers, inheriting a sadistic composure and sense of humor. She rather enjoys torturing humans, displaying excitement for whatever sadistic ideas Lucifer may have and was even turned on when he suggested torturing a Lucifer-wannabe. Her enjoyment towards pain points to her being a sadomasochist, where she is often seen enjoying the fell of pain and watching others being subjected to it. Unlike Lucifer who was bored with ruling Hell, she preferred her life in the underworld and was dissatisfied with Earth and whatever fascination he was with humans. However, after meeting and befriending both Linda and Trixie, she grew more relaxed with her time on Earth and chose to stay. Regardless of her initial disliking of humans, Maze was profoundly loyal to Lucifer and whatever decisions he makes whether or not she agrees with them, having left Hell to look after him and always nagging him for his own well-being.

In her initially appearances Maze was a ruthless bodyguard who fought for Lucifer on his orders and had demonstrated signs of jealousy, particularly of his interest in Chloe Decker. Upon learning that Chloe was making Lucifer vulnerable within proximity, she opted to kill her only for Lucifer to convince her otherwise. While she eventually warmed up to Chloe, she would continue to get jealous for various reasons such as Amenadiel and Linda developing a relationship. It is her jealousy that has often turned her against her friends and leaves wide open for truly selfish individuals to strike a deal with her for their own end, such as Pierce and Michael. However, she is capable of redemption after realizing that she was truly selfish and unfair to Linda and Trixie, both of whom she blamed for her own problems, and took every chance available to make amends with them both.

Maze is fiercely protective of her loved ones, going out of her way to protect Lucifer whenever his life was threatened, and after Chloe was nearly killed by Uriel due to Lucifer’s deal with God, she immediately opted for him to hand over Goddess. It is possible though that she mainly wanted him fulfil his end of the deal because she never liked Goddess and considered her far worse than Lucifer, never trusting her for a second. Her distrust had proven her correct after she found Linda bloodied in her office after Goddess tortured her, infuriating her and got desperate to try and get her to the hospital as soon as possible.

While Mazikeen shows herself to be a fierce demon with a bad girl attitude, it is mainly a masquerade to hide a sense of her insecurity. In truth, she was alone and had no real friends until meeting Chloe, Trixie and Linda. She is fully capable of love and affection when she saved Amenadiels’s life using Lucifer’s angel wing feather, despite it being a possible way back to Hell. Upon learning that Linda was pregnant, she became very protective and tried to be a good aunt figure for the child, teaming up with Lucifer, Amenadiel and Eve to save him from the demon Dromos. While initially being in love with Amenadiel, she also felling in love with Eve and grew frustrated about how she was oblivious to her affections and was more focused on getting Lucifer back, yelling at her to accept that Lucifer doesn’t love her.

Despite all of these good qualities and her loyalty to Lucifer, she was prone to betraying him for her own personal reasons. During their first few years on Earth, she consorted with Amenadiel to get him back to Hell out of fear for his safety. It was only when she realised how they were using her as pawns against each other that she refused to help them. But in a worst case, she became hypocritical and blamed Linda for being a bad friend because of her relationship with Amenadiel, despite the fact that she herself was the cause of their friendship’s collapse. It was this reason that she started hating her life on Earth, lashing out on Trixie and eventually teaming up with Pierce to get Lucifer to take him back to Hell.

After Eve left Los Angeles and Lucifer returned to Hell, Maze developed abandonment issues which stemmed from her fractured relationship with her mother Lilith, who never truly loved her or the other demons. She quickly overreacted when Linda revealed how she had to put her first child up for adoption when she was younger and became jealous of knowing that Lucifer and Chloe were soulmates. Feeling alone, she became desperate to find a soulmate of her own, now even resorting to team up with the egotistical Michael in exchange for a soul. Given Lucifer and Amenadiel’s reaction to her treachery and her awareness of Michael’s cruelty, it is most likely that this action was ruined any chance of future redemption.

In an alternate universe created by God, Mazikeen never emotionally evolved due to Lucifer never meeting and becoming partners with Chloe, and due to Trixie not existing in this universe to help draw out her more caring nature. Instead, she wears half a mask, to presumably hide her demon face, and is in charge of a cult. Although the cult appears to be human, as shown when she burns the mask on a woman's face, it is unknown where the group originated from or how her relations with humans have evolved from.


Appearances of Mazikeen

Season 1

  • "Pilot"
  • "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil."
  • "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness"
  • "Manly Whatnots"
  • "Sweet Kicks"
  • "Favorite Son"
  • "Wingman"
  • "Et Tu, Doctor?"
  • "A Priest Walks Into a Bar"
  • "Pops"
  • "St. Lucifer"
  • "#TeamLucifer"
  • "Take Me Back to Hell"

Season 2

  • "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer"
  • "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire"
  • "Sin-Eater"
  • "Lady Parts"
  • "Weaponizer"
  • "Monster"
  • "My Little Monkey"
  • "Trip to Stabby Town"
  • "Homewrecker"
  • "Quid Pro Ho"
  • "Stewardess Interruptus"
  • "Love Handles"
  • "A Good Day to Die"
  • "Candy Morningstar"
  • "Deceptive Little Parasite"
  • "God Johnson"
  • "Sympathy for the Goddess"
  • "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy"

Season 3

  • "They're Back, Aren't They?" (mentioned)
  • "The One with the Baby Carrot" (mentioned)
  • "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith"
  • "Off the Record"
  • "The Sinnerman"
  • "The Sin Bin"
  • "City of Angels?"
  • "All About Her"
  • "Til Death Do Us Part"
  • "My Brother's Keeper"
  • "High School Poppycock"
  • "Infernal Guinea Pig"
  • "Let Pinhead Sing!"
  • "The Last Heartbreak"
  • "Orange is the New Maze"
  • "The Angel of San Bernardino"
  • "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better"
  • "All Hands on Decker"
  • "Quintessential Deckerstar"
  • "A Devil of My Word"
  • "Boo Normal"
  • "Once Upon a Time"

Season 4

  • "Everything's Okay"
  • "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno"
  • "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father"
  • "All About Eve"
  • "Expire Erect"
  • "Orgy Pants to Work"
  • "Devil Is as Devil Does"
  • "Super Bad Boyfriend"
  • "Save Lucifer"
  • "Who's da New King of Hell?"

Season 5

  • "Really Sad Devil Guy"
  • "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"
  • "¡Diablo!"
  • "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken"
  • "Detective Amenadiel"
  • "BluBallz"
  • "Our Mojo"
  • "Spoiler Alert"



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