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Only squares don't get true muse-ic!
~ Mazurata of the Music when confronted by Gosei Great and his last words.

Mazuarta of the Music is a minor antagonist in Tensou Sentai Goseiger, appearing as the main antagonist of Episode 4. He is a cricket-themed alien who works for the Universal Annihilation Army Warstar.

He was voiced by Ryuzou Ishino, who previously voiced Eruka, Hitomidama and later voiced Debo Peshango, Yokai Kasha, Recycle World and Great Recycle World.


Mazuarta made his first appearance on the spaceship as Mons Drake announced him along with the planet where he'd came from, as he performs his rock show for Mons Drake. Before he goes down to Earth, Mazuarta gets Buredoran to be his manager.

Once he arrived on Earth, Mazuarta begins his show, now realizing the noise hurts human ears. Thankfully, the Angels showed up to the source of the noise as they told him to keep the racket down, which insults him, since he considers himself the greatest musician of all. In retaliation, he sent out the Bibi Soldiers to keep the angels busy while he continues to make "music" as the soldiers dance to it. The heroes tried to use the Gosei Buster to eliminate the musician, but due to the noise that he was making, they were off target. With that failed, he fired a couple of cymbals at the Skick Tribe, de-transforming them and then, he along with the soldiers, left the area to make more "music".

Later, Mazuarta was on the roof as he complained that his "concert" was failing until Buredoran showed up as he thanks him for playing his music. Due to this, Buredoran wants to bring Earth down to its knees as he commands Mazuarta to play the music that'll bring the apocalypse. Listing, Mazuarta then goes to a concert hall as he gets the bibi soldiers to set up for his big performance, but that was interrupted by the arrival of the Gosei Angels. Thankfully, Buredoran arrived as he open fire at the team to prevent them from interfering with Mazuarta's concert. With that, Mazuarta began to play away while satellites broadcast his racket across the world, irritating many.

However, thanks to Eri's singing, she'd interrupts the concert, Buredoran then tries to stop them, but the others prevent them as Alata sends out Eri's song across the planet. Mazuarta tries to counter this with his own rock and roll music, but her song drowned Mazuarta's music out, and by coincidence, it destroys the satellite and Mazuarta's "guitar". Furious, Mazuarta sent out the soldiers to attack the Gosei Angels, but they were eliminated. After the rollcall, he tossed a couple more cymbals at the team, but they blocked the attack and then they used Guardian Super Sonic that weakens him long enough for the team to bring out the Gosei Buster, blasting him apart.

However, Buredoran loved his music, so he sent out a couple of Bibi Bugs to revive Mazuarta as a giant, prompting the team to bring out Gosei Great to battle him. To start things off, Mazuarta played his guitar to hurt the team's ears, giving Mazuarta enough time to attack proper. However, once he tries again to do this, the heroes pull out a dragon sword to slice the sound waves and then fires towards Mazuarta in form of Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do. Now on fire, Mazuarta was then defeated by the Great Strike technique.


Buredoran's involvement in his attack and targeting the Skick Tribe members foreshadows his true identity

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