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McCann to the right.

McCann is the secondary antagonist of the 2016 action-western film The Magnificent Seven. He is Bartholomew Bogue's right-hand man.

He was portrayed by Cam Gigandet, who also played James in Twilight, and Ryan "The Terror" McCarthy in Never Back Down.


McCann is Bogue's right hand man. He is first seen with Bogue and his men raid the town of Rose Creek and witness Bogue kill Matthew Cullen and he along with his men kill several other men before leaving.

He is in town when the seven arrive and he and his men engage in battle with them which results in the death of all his men. But McCann manages to get away when one of them Goodnight fails to kill him. He heads back to Bogue's mansion and witness him kill the corrupt sheriff of the town and Bogue orders him and Denali to build an army to conquer Rose Creek.

McCann along with Bogue, Denali and their army arrive at Rose Creek. Where they are out matched by the seven and the townspeople. He leads some of his men into town where he is killed by Vasquez who shoots him dead right into a coffin.


From what could be seen, McCann is just as evil and ruthless as his boss. He is also shown to have no respect for women as in a deleted scene he rapes a woman. But he is also a bit of a coward as he reacted in fear when Bogue threatened him with a gun.


  • Though Bartholomew Bogue was the main villain of the film, McCann did most of the action and was far more threatening towards the Seven and the people of Rose Creek than Bogue.
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