Me-Biran-Gi, labeled by the police as Unidentified Life Form #23, is a member of the Me Group of the Gurongi and an antagonist in Kamen Rider Kuuga.


Biran first made himself known to Kuuga when he interrupted his fight with Zu-Zain-Da to attack Zain for "stealing his turn". Once his turn began, Biran attempted to kil; off 180 people within 2 days by attacking any form of water transportation and slaughtering the passengers single handily.

However, he is halted from continuing his game when the smell of blood overrides his senses. The police soon arrive to stop Biran but are of little use. Kuuga soon shows up to fight Biran, but his Mighty and Titan Forms have no effect on the Me Gurongi. Despite this, Biran was forced away after being shot with a modified bullet.

Despite of being injured, Biran was determined to meet his quota and continued his rampage. He was later lured into the open by Ichiro, before Kuuga kills in Dragon Form by with the Splash Dragon.

Powers and Abilities

Me-Biran-Gi is a skilled swimmer and has an enhanced sense of smell. He also has a bite strong enough to tear through concrete at a fast rate and is armed with a cutter on each arm.

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