The Meaches are an extremely dangerous species of fruit that appear as minor antagonists in Chowder. They are the minions of Queen Meach. They appear to be quite harmful, vicious and extremely territorial. As such, making them into dishes is almost impossible, not only for their aggressive and hostile behavior. However, this is also because of their bitter flavor.


50 years before the events of the show, the Meaches are seen sleeping, giving Mung Daal the chance to catch the Queen Meach, who (unlike her servants) is peaceful and tasty. Once Mung got a hold of the Queen Meach, her servants viciously attack him and follow him home. However, luckily for Mung, he managed to escape with the Meach Queen.

Once home, Mung cooks the Meach Queen into a Minch Meach Pie, which he enjoyed in the end. However, later that night, while Mung was taking a shower, the queen's vengeful servants ambush him and resume their mauling on Mung for taking the queen.

The next morning, Mung heads to the kitchen to get something from the cabinets, but the Meaches attack him after he opens the cabinet. 2 hours later, Mung goes to the bathroom with a newspaper, but the Meaches attack him off-screen once Mung closed the door.

The Meaches attacked Mung every day for 25 years, an example that Meaches can hold a huge grudge. They ended up breaking Mung's spirit and bones, as well as eating most of his hair. 


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