Mean Mike or Måns in swedish, is the main antagonist of the Pelle-No-Tail books and it's adaptions. He is Pelle's rival and he hates any cat has has no tails.

He is voiced by the late Ernst-Hugo Järegård in the two animated movies and portrayed by Christer Fant in the live-action adaptions. In the 2020 movie he’s voiced by Christopher Wagelin.


He is extremely selfish, mean and xenophobic, hating any cat that does not have a tail nor having long tails, even abusing his two dim-witted minions Bill and Bull. Måns is the herb type of all the bully, and he puts down a lot of time, money and energy just to get the pleasure of plaguing or torment Pelle. He is also very arrogant and declare himself the best cat in town by cheating in races for examples. He is also very narcissitc as he loves boasting and taking pride of his long tail.


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