The Meanie Attack Robot is an antagonist from the 2011 puzzle platforming video game LittleBigPlanet 2, serving as the boss for the level "Huge Peril for Huge Spaceship". It is an attack robot that fires plasma beams to take down Huge Spaceship.


The Meanie Attack Robot is a dark red machine that resembles a lobster. It has two serrated claws on the front, which are armed with turrets. The "legs" are exhaust pipes, and a microphone is attached to the rear. It also has two red eyes on the front and a large "H" sticker in the center.


The Meanie Attack Robot is sent by the Negativitron to destroy Huge Spaceship and its crew as it leaves Avalonia.

For the first wave, the Attack Robot will separate its claws to reveal the plasma cannon, then fire at the Huge Sapceship. During this, plasma turrets will also be firing at the player, piloting a Bee 2.0. The player must fire at the cannon before it fires to deal damage.

After destroying the main cannon, the claws will further separate and attack with two smaller cannons. However, this will also reveal two of the robot's gunners/pilots. The player must dodge the cannons and attack the gunners, while still avoiding the turrets.

Once the gunners are destroyed, the robot will open to reveal the pilot. The robot will alternate between wide and condensed plasma beam attacks, and the player must attack the pilot during the cooldown of the condensed attack and during the wide attack.

After destroying the pilot, the robot will explode, but the player must send one last missile so as to bring down the ship into Eve's Asylum.


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