Unleash the flavor!
~ Meat Sweats

Meat Sweats is a recurring antagonist and a member of the Evil League of Mutants in Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.

He is voiced by Johnny Rotten.


Donnie's Gifts

Meat Sweats was originally a human named Rupert Swaggart a celebrity chef who hosts Condescending Kitchen where he was abusing a young struggling chef. He was mutated on live Television. Since then Meat Sweats had been capturing mutants to absorb their power and using them to cook his meals. He first meats the Turtles in the episode Donnie Gifts. He had captured a mutant to absorb its powers and the turtles fought him but thanks to him absorbing the silver fish cause him to duplicate himself and had captured Donnatello. Reverting back to normal Meat Sweats decides to cook up Donatello for his meal but the turtles use Donnie's gifts to beat him.

The Fast and the Furriest

Meat Sweats later returns in the episode The Fast and the Furious where he encounters Splinter and decides to take him as a apart of his latest meals. He takes splinter for his car so that he would take him to his kitchen but Splinter complicates things and the Turtles later catch up to meat sweats. After the battle, Meat Sweats decides that Master Splinter was not worth all of his trouble and kicks him out.

The Evil League of Mutants

In the Evil League of Mutants, Meat Sweats joined forces with Baron Draxum, Repo Mantis, Hypno-Potamus, Warren Stone, and the Sando Brothers to destroy Ninja Turtles after watching TV. After tricking the turtles to an abandoned warehouse, the league ambushed them and nearly defeated them, but they used their training to defeat the group.

Powers and Abilities

Meat Sweats can use Tendrils to grab his opponents and copy their abilities.


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