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The Meatloaf Monster is a one-time villain from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Power Up Puff". He is a genetically modified dish of pimento meatloaf that was mutated into a giant monster that went rogue and terrorized Townsville.


In "Power Up Puff", Chef Schnitzel created a pimento meatloaf dish for the show "Sliced", that he genetically modified to make more delicious. However, his genetic modification of the meatloaf actually turned it into a giant monster that broke out of the kitchen and started terrorizing the city. The Powerpuff Girls, who were watching the entire thing on TV flew right into action. However, only Bubbles and Buttercup did this because Blossom was still sad that she hadn't started producing focused energy auras, like her sisters.

Bubbles and Buttercup faced off against the Meatloaf Monster and Bubbles used her focused energy aura to create a giant grizzly bear who clawed the meatloaf monster's arms off. The Meatloaf Monster regrew his arms, proving to have limb regeneration powers. Just then, his head exploded and Buttercup was seen, using her focused energy aura to create a tank that fired the deadly missile at him. However, just like before, the meatloaf monster regrew his head as well and then flung some meatloaf at Bubbles and Buttercup, slapping them down to the ground and sticking them there.

Blossom watches Bubbles and Buttercup fight the Meatloaf Monster to complete failure. Blossom eventually realized that even without her new powers, her sisters needed her help.

Blossom entered the scene and was horrified by the giant meatloaf mess the monster left all over the city. Blossom was so enraged by this that her anger fueled her first-ever focused energy aura and she turned into a broom. Happy to have finally gained her powers, Blossom turned into a stapler and fired staples at the meatloaf monster to stick him against the wall. The meatloaf monster detached his limbs and seeped into the ground, where he regenerated and fought Blossom. Blossom turned into a tape dispenser and wrapped him up in tape and then knocked him to the ground but the meatloaf monster escaped that too, now making clones of himself. The Powerpuff Girls worked together with their focused energy auras to destroy the meatloaf monster once and for all. Bubbles used a rhino to horn all of the meatloaf monster clones and then throw them into the air, Buttercup used a flamethrower to fatally burn them all to a crisp, and Blossom used a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the ashes, sending the meatloaf monster to oblivion.

Following the destruction of the meatloaf monster, Blossom noticed that all of his meatloaf stains were still smothering the city so she used her focused energy aura to make a sponge, which she used to clean it all up.