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The Mecannibals are a minor antagonistic faction in the Marvel Transformers comics.

They were created by Bob Budiansky and José Delbo.


The Mecannibals debuted in a two-part storyline beginning in Issue #52. They were an alien species who controlled a space trading post and dealt in microchips. It was well known that robots were not welcome on the station but not so well known that Mecannibals consumed any robots they encountered. Ironically, the Meccanibals, led by Motor Mouth, unknowingly employed the Decepticons Dreadwind and Darkwing, who used their Nebulan partners Hi-Test and Throttle as a front.

The Autobots Cloudburst and Landmine came to the station, using their Pretender shells to pose as organics, only to discover that their fellow Autobot Sky Lynx had gone missing on the station. Investigating further, they discovered that the microchips they had come to purchase were actually removed from robots that the Mecannibals consumed. They managed to surreptitiously free Sky Lynx, who was next on the Meccanibals' menu, but were exposed by Dreadwind and Darkwing and captured. The pair managed to avoid being eaten by offering to track down the ingredients for a garnish, with the Mecannibals holding their human friend Berko hostage. The Autobots ended up turning the tables by taking Dreadwind and Darkwing prisoner, forcing the Mecannibals to restore all the robots they had disassembled and also revealing the pair were robots as well. Enraged, the Mecannibals ended up pursuing their former associates.

Soon after, Dreadwind and Darkwing ended up working for Megatron, unaware that at least one Mecannibal had followed them back to Cybertron. The Meccanibal was finally dealt with by the Autobot Quickswitch (as seen in the UK-exclusive story "Out to Lunch", while Dreadwind and Darkwing drank nearby obliviously.


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