The Mecha Cat is one of the supporting antagonists/enemies of the 2016 third person shoter game Plants vs, Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It is the robot created by Dr. Zomboss who take parts in fighting gnomes in Infinity Time, and Junkasauruses in Cats vs. Dinos multiplayer matches.


The Mecha Cat was first introduced in the quest Next Stop... Infinity!, where Dr. Fizzician sent it through a portal to the Gnomiverse. In there, the players had to fight King Gnomus' gnome army to earn time shards and open their chests.

Mecha Cat also returned in Cats vs. Dinos multiplayer match to fight a group of Junkasauruses. In this game mode, none of the characters can be revived, and there are four singularities in this game mode.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Tail Laser: The Mecha Cat's primary weapon, as it can fire a laser from its tail.
  • Kitty Pounce: It can charge forward and knock enemies back.
  • Furball Frenzy: It can activate a long-range fire that can deal with massive damages and minor splash damages to incoming enemies.
  • Kitty Fury: It can spin around to deal close-range damages at enemies and knock them back.
  • Tail Powershot: It can shoot a powerful laser beam of its tail.


  • According to Dr. Fizzician, the Mecha Cat is based on the animal Crazy Dave hates the most, being cats.



Playable Zombies

Story Quest Bosses


Mecha Cat
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