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Mecha Knight is a major antagonist and boss in the video game Kirby: Planet Robobot. He is a mechanized version of Meta Knight (hence his name) who serves as Susie Haltmann's personal bodyguard and as a security guard for the Haltmann Works Company.


Mecha Knight was created after Meta Knight used his Halberd against the Haltmann Works Company, who captured and mechanized Meta Knight, turning him into a security guard for them.

Mecha Knight was deployed by Susie during her second confrontation with Kirby to defeat the pink puffball and stop him from disrupting the HWC's plans. Despite fighting hard, Mecha Knight was defeated.

Mecha Knight was at some point recovered and given an upgrade, turning the cyborg into Mecha Knight+. He was later utilized by Susie again when Kirby managed to make his way onto the Access Ark. Mecha Knight+ used several new attacks, including a giant mechanical claw attached to his back, but was ultimately defeated again after Kirby shatters his mask, causing Meta Knight to return to his senses and fly away much to Susie's anger.


  • During his second battle, Mecha Knight's theme is a remix of Meta Knight's theme from Kirby Super Star.


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