Mecha Zangief is a robotic version of Zangief created by M. Bison to conquer the world in Marvel vs Street Fighter. He is a cybernetic, more evil version of the Red Cyclone.


Ele é cinza, tem olhos vermelho sangue, um pouco mais alto do que Zangief normal, e é um ajudante de Bison, e é seu capangas para Marvel vs Street Fighter.Unlike most, Mecha Zangief cannot block attacks, however, he can simply walk through them, making pain easy for the speed typeHis Bear Grab will go all the way to the other corner of the stage, unlike Zangief's going a quarter of the way. His moves are way more powerful, and he is a monster to be reckoned with.He could also be activated if Zangief got angry enough. This would last until Zangief was either defeated or did his angry animation once again.Ele também pode cuspir vodca azul de sua boca, como Bowser's Flames.


Due to its iron appearance, some fans nicknamed it Iron-Z

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