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It took 20,000 years and kept growing. From Mechagodzilla's carcass. Yes, this is... Mechagodzilla City!
~ Mulu-elu Galu-gu reacts to the discovery of Mechagodzilla City.

Mechagodzilla (メカゴジラ, Mekagojira), later known as Mechagodzilla City (メカゴジラシティ, Mekagojira Shiti), is a major antagonist of the Godzilla anime trilogy, serving as the main antagonist of the film GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle. It is a robotic creation of the Bilusaludo aliens modeled after their most powerful enemy: Godzilla himself.



Mechagodzilla was constructed between 2042 and 2046 by Bilusaludo scientists in Hamamatsu, Japan, under the direction of Mulu-elu Galu-gu. The machine was built in Godzilla's image using the autonomous metal substance known as Nanometal, granting it incredible adaptive abilities in addition to its advanced weapons systems. Its facility was attacked by Godzilla shortly after the machine's completion, but Mechagodzilla failed to activate during the battle. The Bilusaludo were forced to abandon their creation as they fled the facility, after which Godzilla firmly defeated the United Earth's forces in a decisive final battle during which Mechagodzilla was lost.

GODZILLA: City on the Edge of Battle

In the 20,000 years that passed while the Aratrum was in space, Mechagodzilla's head actually survived the Battle at the Foot of Mt. Fuji and its artificial intelligence remained active, directing the activity of its surviving Nanometal. Still following its target directive of "Kill Godzilla" and with the limiter on its Nanometal decayed, Mechagodzilla began reconstructing its development facility out of the evolving Nanometal. After 20,000 years, it had completely reconstructed this facility from Nanometal and continued its battle against Godzilla by slaying Servum that ventured too close. When the survivors of the United Earth's landing brigade discovered the replica of the facility, they dubbed it "Mechagodzilla City" and decided to take command of it. The Bilusaludo uncovered Mechagodzilla's intact head and fully reactivated its A.I., giving them complete control over Mechagodzilla City and all its Nanometal. Rather than use it to rebuild Mechagodzilla, the Bilusaludo believed they could mobilize an overwhelming attack strategy with the Nanometal which would certainly kill Godzilla. Construction began on a heat-resistant armored plate over the city's buildings, along with railguns and EMP Harpoons mounted on the sides of the buildings. Godzilla would be lured into the City and immobilized by liquid Nanometal, after which the railguns would destroy his dorsal fins and the EMP Harpoons would inject electromagnetic energy into him until he exploded. Furthermore, Mechagodzilla City's Nanometal was used to modify the United Earth's existing Powered Suits into more advanced models dubbed Vultures.

The United Earth moved along smoothly with the plan, though Metphies warned Captain Haruo Sakaki that the Nanometal was a "sinister thing, no different from a monster." Then, a group of soldiers witnessed several Bilusaludo being absorbed by the Nanometal. When this was brought to the Bilusaludo's attention, they merely remarked it was logical. Their men willingly gave up their individuality to become part of Mechagodzilla City, something which appalled Haruo and the other humans. However, they had no time to argue as Godzilla discovered their position. Haruo took command of a Vulture while Yuko Tani and Rilu-elu Belu-be commandeered two others to hold Godzilla off until preparations in the City were complete. The Vultures distracted Godzilla and lured him to a trap point where the ground was detonated and Godzilla fell into a tunnel leading directly to the City. He was lured along the tunnel until he reached the capture point. The tunnel was closed off and flooded with liquid Nanometal which hardened and trapped Godzilla in place. With Godzilla unable to move, Mechagodzilla City's railguns destroyed his dorsal fin and two EMP Harpoons were fired into his back. Rather than explode, Godzilla began converting the excess energy into heat as a method of indirectly attacking his foes.

With the temperature inside the City rising rapidly, the humans prepared to retreat. The Bilusaludo rather merged themselves with the Nanometal and prepared to do the same to the humans before they fled. Belu-be told Haruo that they could trigger Godzilla to explode with a suicide attack: they would fly their Vultures into the atmosphere and nosedive into Godzilla's back. However, the pilot would not survive the heat long enough to impact Godzilla. To work around this, Galu-gu triggered the Vultures' Nanometal to fuse with the pilots. Belu-be accepted the fusion, while Haruo and Yuko rejected it. Haruo was unable to be infected thanks to the scales the Houtua woman Miana had healed him with, but Yuko was not so lucky and tried to eject from her Vulture. Haruo caught Yuko's Vulture and hesitated, long enough for Metphies to contact him. He explained that if Mechagodzilla City was not stopped, its Nanometal would continue to expand until it had assimilated the entire Earth and everything on it. Haruo finally chose to confront Galu-gu and ordered him to end the Nanometal's encroachment. Galu-gu retorted with a speech about the very nature of monsters. To defeat a monster, one must become something that is no longer human. He urged Haruo to steel himself and let the Nanometal take him. With Yuko dying inside her Vulture, Haruo finally opened fire on Mechagodzilla City's control room, killing Galu-gu and destroying Mechagodzilla's head. With all of the Nanometal deactivated, Godzilla resumed activity and proceeded to obliterate the rest of Mechagodzilla City with two blasts of his atomic breath.

As Mechagodzilla City sank into the burning crater below, Haruo landed his Vulture only to find he had hesitated too long, and that Yuko was dead.

GODZILLA: The Planet Eater

Though destroyed some of the nanometal from Mechagodzilla survived within Yuko and was the only thing keeping her alive but comatose. After Ghidorah's defeat and humanity's permanent marooning on Earth following the Aratrum's destruction Professor Martin Lazzari began experimenting with the nanometal within Yuko's body hoping to reactivate it. Months later Martin successfully reactiaved the last remaining Vulture's nuclear reactor with the nanometal and expressed a desire to use it as a template to rebuild society. However Haruo had since realized that humanity's repeated environmental damage to further advance society provoked Godzilla's takeover and suspected Martin's intentions could repeat past mistakes, cause the creation of another Mechagodzilla, allow Ghidorah's return to their dimension and provok Godzilla's retaliation once more. To prevent the Houtua from being endangered Haruo took Yuko and the last remaining Vulture and provoked Godzilla into destroying it, killing them both and preventing the return of either Mechagodzilla or Ghidorah.


Mechagodzilla maintains the basic body shape of Godzilla, being bipedal and bulky with three rows of dorsal fins running down its back, but otherwise looks drastically different from past incarnations of the character. Mechagodzilla is completely silver in color with red eyes. Its body is covered in spikes of varying sizes, with a long tail ending in a sharp needle-like spike. Mechagodzilla has an offensive forward-leaning posture, with its legs bent inward at the knees. Its feet are rectangular with a single digit in front and a smaller dewclaw-like digit on their heels. Mechagodzilla also has a spike on the back of each knee. Its head bears very little resemblance to Godzilla's outside of possessing eyes and a mouth. The front of its face ends in two large protrusions, while the rest of the head is flanked with spikes. According to the anime's co-director Hiroyuki Seshita, Mechagodzilla's design was patterned after echinoderms and sea urchins, creatures which he felt had no affinity for humanity. Its tail was also inspired by a warrior's axe.

As Mechagodzilla City, only Mechagodzilla's head remains intact. The rest of its Nanometal has constructed a replica of its development facility. The buildings comprising the City are bluish-silver in color, and are designed to be reminiscent of the polluting factories of postwar Japan. There are bizarre structures spanning some of the buildings in Mechagodzilla City, which Galu-gu explains to have been designed and constructed by Mechagodzilla itself. When viewed from above, Mechagodzilla City resembles a fungus or slime mold growing inside a petri dish, the petri dish, in this case, being Mt. Fuji.

Powers and Abilities

Nanometal manipulation

Mechagodzilla can manipulate Nanometal, the autonomous metal substance from which it is composed. Nanometal is a fluid material composed of many nanites which can form itself into a variety of shapes. Mechagodzilla was designed to be able to deform its body in combat and regenerate from damage sustained. When Godzilla destroyed its body, Mechagodzilla's head maintained control over its Nanometal and used it to construct a replica of its production facility. The Nanometal which composes Mechagodzilla City is alive and continuing to spread, and is capable of impaling and absorbing Servum which venture near it.

The most dangerous capability of Nanometal is its capacity to assimilate its surroundings. It at one point fuses with several Bilusaludo who become part of the collective intelligence of Mechagodzilla City, and later attempts to assimilate every being inside of the City. Metphies warned that if Mechagodzilla City were not stopped, its Nanometal would have eventually overtaken the entire planet.

Convergent Neutron Cannon

the Convergent Neutron Cannon was a particle beam that was mounted on MechaGodzilla's head. It's range was 5km. Due to the penetrating power of neutrons, the beam can penetrate Godzilla's outer shells and melt his internal tissues.

Blade Launcher

The blade launcher was a weapon present in MechaGodzilla's construction, and was derived from a prototype installed in the late Gigan during Operation: Long March. The weapon had a range of 3 kilometers, and the blades, launched from MechaGodzilla's back, would be guided through the air to their target: Godzilla.

Hyper Lance

The hyper lance was a bladed weapon, relied on its penetrative properties to impale Godzilla, before utilizing Nanometal in a dart-like process, injecting it into Godzilla, with the resulting process causing the Nanometal to earth away Godzilla. It's maximum extension is about 500 meters. At maximum, the Mohs hardness and Vickers hardness would've reached ten times that of diamonds.

Plasma Booster

The plasma booster granted MechaGodzilla the ability to fly towards enemies like Godzilla.

Tail Blow

MechaGodzilla's tail can be used as a whip or cutting weapon (due to the needle-like stinger). This attack would cut through and pulverize Godzilla with an electrical shock through movement of MechaGodzilla's tail stinger at supersonic speeds, accomplished by twisting motion of the body along with additional acceleration in the direction of motion from the plasma booster, as well as deformation of the tail into a blade shap and repeated high-speed motion of this blade.

Nanometal Particle Diffusing-Type Thermal Energy Buffer Layer

MechaGodzilla and MechaGodzilla city can spread Nanometal particles over a radius of 300 meters in order to defend themselves from energy-based attacks like the atomic breath. According to simulations, 90% of energy targeted at MechaGodzilla is diffused by this buffer layer. It can also protect MechaGodzilla against large projectile attacks like Godzilla's atomic breath. It was theorized that if the buffer layer is used in combination with another protection ability called "the laminated heat resistant armored plate", it could completely protect MechaGodzilla from Godzilla's atomic breath. MechaGodzilla city also has the buffer layer, used to defend the city from Godzilla's atomic breath, twice.

Laminated Heat-Resistant Armored Plate

the laminated heat-resistant armored plate is another means of defense for MechaGodzilla. Accomplished through momentary deformation of every part of MechaGodzilla's outer shell, MechaGodzilla was conceptualized as deforming it's chest armor to form the armored plate immediately after reaching approaching a 5 kilometer proximity to Godzilla, with the armored plate in combination with the thermal energy buffer layer protecting MechaGodzilla from Godzilla's atomic breath entirely. MechaGodzilla city was also able to form a heat resistant armored plate around its structures, but was unable to complete it in time.


The structures of MechaGodzilla city are lined with railguns, which can target and destroy Godzilla's dorsal plates when his shield is not up.

EMP Harpoons

MechaGodzilla can fire EMP harpoons, a successor of the EMP probes used to kill Godzilla Filius. There were two harpoons, but one was destroyed before it can be used, melted by the atomic breath. These harpoons can penetrate Godzilla's hide and inject him with critical amounts of electromagnetic energy.


If Mechagodzilla's head is destroyed, all of the Nanometal comprising Mechagodzilla City will shut down, rendering it helpless against Godzilla's atomic breath.



  • This is only the second incarnation of Mechagodzilla to be a villain, after the original Showa incarnation. The Heisei and Millennium versions were both constructed to defend humanity from Godzilla. However, this Mechagodzilla initially seems to be like the latter two before its true nature is revealed.
  • Mechagodzilla City's ability to assimilate its surroundings with Nanometal and its potential to assimilate the Earth are reminiscent of the gray goo doomsday scenario, in which out-of-control self-replicating nanomachines consume all biomass on Earth while simultaneously creating more of themselves.
  • Originally, Mechagodzilla City was supposed to turn into a giant version of Mechagodzilla to fight Godzilla Earth, but was later rejected. Another idea was for the turrents to turn into Mechagodzilla's head.


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