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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Mechagodzilla from the MonsterVerse. The mainstream version can be found here: Mechagodzilla.
Villain Overview

Bernie Hayes: That's- Robo-Godzilla!
Josh Valentine: Oh, no, that's...that's Mechagodzilla.
~ Bernie Hayes and Josh Valentine upon seeing Mechagodzilla activated.
And now... my Mecha. It's not only Godzilla's equal... but his superior. The Apex Titan of my own hand. It's time to show the world what you can do.
~ Walter Simmons upon witnessing the full activation of Mechagodzilla.
~ Mechagodzilla's laugh (described as warbling in the subtitles).

Mechagodzilla is the main antagonist of the 2021 American monster crossover film Godzilla vs. Kong. It was a mechanized counterpart of Godzilla created by Apex Cybernetics in order to wipe out every Titan in the world, so that humans would remain as the dominant species on Earth.

However, the robot would later fall under the influence of Ghidorah and instead sought out to destroy humanity itself. Despite being an adversary to both Godzilla and Kong, it is the one of the archenemies of Godzilla due to Ghidorah possessing it.


Like Mechagodzilla's previous incarnations, it is a mecha that bears a strong resemblance to its namesake, except it is considerably thinner than previous incarnations of the character. Mechagodzilla is primarily a bright gunmetal silver color, with small hints of black, accented by a rich neon-red energy glow shining throughout its body through the gaps in its armored metal plates. Mechagodzilla's neck is ribbed and laced with robotic "gills" while its abdomen is reminiscent of a ribcage. Its head and toes bear a striking resemblance to Ghidorah's while bearing Godzilla's lumbering frame.

Mechagodzilla's back supports three rows of small, square-shaped dorsal plates, the edges of which are akin to axe blades. There are bright red lights at each tip that travel downward from its head to its back, which then converge into one row as they move down its tail. Mechagodzilla has a long, segmented tail with a set of small twin blades at the tip which can spin like a drill. Its head has a pair of small, bright red eyes that flashed blue when it begins to go out of control. Prior to being possessed by Ghidorah's consciousness, its eyes glow a steady bright red color, and after falling under Ghidorah's influence, its pupils disappear, leaving behind pure red eyeballs.

Mechagodzilla's arms and hands are noticeably larger and thicker in proportion to the rest of its body, and the panels on its arms and legs are laced with armored plating. Its claws are sharp and resemble claw cranes, with small razor-sharp circular saws at the bottom of each finger and black absorbing pads on the fingers' tips. It has concealed four-cell missile launchers within its shoulder pads and two 16-cell missile launchers behind them which fire forward. Both of Mechagodzilla's enormous feet support a total of five digits, with four at the front and one at the back. Its legs are shown to contain various pieces of machinery such as hydraulic pistons to support its massive weight. When Mechagodzilla is dismembered and decapitated by Kong's axe, its blood is shown to be black and oil-like, similar to Ghidorah's.


Initially, Mechagodzilla had no distinct personality, due to the pilot controlling the mech. It would only act and follow based on the pilot's command. Likewise, upon being exposed to the Hollow Earth's energy, the energy merged with Ghidorah's neural networks, causing Mechagodzilla to go haywire. Ultimately, it granted the mech a personality of its own and as a result, Mechagodzilla became a relentless killing machine that was determined to kill Godzilla and then Kong (when he stopped it from killing Godzilla), as well as any humans around it.

There are instances where Mechagodzilla was shown to exhibit traits similar to that of Ghidorah, such as its roar, as it was a slight mechanical mixture between Godzilla's and Ghidorah's. Mechagodzilla also appeared to be primarily fixated on killing Godzilla only, while seeing Kong as nothing more than a nuisance in its way of killing the King of the monsters, likely indicating that it possesses or worse, inherited some of Ghidorah's memories of his past encounters and defeats with Godzilla.

Oddly enough however, Mechagodzilla doesn't appear to display the same traits as the left head, despite it being connected to this particular skull of Ghidorah. This might suggest that, while Ghidorah is influencing Mechagodzilla, he isn't directly possessing it and that Mechagodzilla's newfound consciousness could be its own entity entirely. According to Adam Wingard, Ghidorah's ghost is possibly possessing Mechagodzilla's A.I but in turn creating a new consciousness. Jared Krichevsky later confirmed that the combination of Ghidorah's personality with the A.I. created an entirely new consciousness.



Mechagodzilla was constructed by the technology conglomerate Apex Cybernetics in the aftermath of Ghidorah's apocalyptic rampage in 2019. Using the skull of Ghidorah's left head, a cockpit was made to control Mechagodzilla through radio waves. The pilot used was Ren Serizawa, the son of Ishiro Serizawa, who would enter a trance while piloting the mecha. The purpose of its construction was to exterminate every living Titan on Earth so that humans can become the apex species.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Mechagodzilla is first seen in an enclosed Apex facility in Hong Kong that Madison Russell, Josh Valentine, and Bernie Hayes locate after they stowaway on a carrier containing Skullcrawler eggs. Mechagodzilla tested its might against an adult Skullcrawler labelled as "Number 10", using its brute strength alone to grab the Skullcrawler and slice it in half with its energy beam (known as the Proton Scream). However, it powers down immediately afterwards. Apex CEO Walter Simmons later reveals his intention to harness energy from the Hollow Earth to overcome the limitations of Mechagodzilla. Following an excursion to the Hollow Earth, Apex manages to contain a stone containing a piece of the energy and use it to upgrade Mechagodzilla.

Following the battle of Godzilla and Kong where Godzilla defeats Kong, Simmons saw this as his opportunity to test his invention and activates Mechagodzilla. However, the energy influx causes Mechagodzilla to malfunction, electrocuting Ren to death. The mixture of the energy source and Ghidorah's neural network "awakens" Ghidorah's consciousness, causing it to possess Mechagodzilla. It overrides the controls and kills Simmons before breaking out of the Apex facility. Mechagodzilla then goes on an uncontrollable rampage across Hong Kong, destroying everything in its path with its Proton Screamer before confronting Godzilla.

Haven grown weary from the previous battle against Kong, Godzilla is swiftly and brutally overpowered by his mechanical counterpart, who blasts him with its various weapons and throws him around the city. Fortunately, Nathan Lind revives Kong by using his Hollow Earth vehicle as a defibrillator, and Jia convinces him to help Godzilla. But even with Kong's assistance, Mechagodzilla still proves too strong and is able to overpower both kaiju. Before it can finish them off, Mechagodzilla stalls after Josh pours Bernie's alcohol onto the robot's control panel. Godzilla then uses his breath to charge up Kong's axe, enabling him to dismember Mechagodzilla limb from limb before ripping its head off, ending its brief reign of terror.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mecha Titan Physiology: As a mechanized Titan, Mechagodzilla possessed several physical and non-physical attributes.
    • Advanced Strength: Mechagodzilla has humongous amounts of physical strength as it was strong enough to overpower an adult Skullcrawler, knock over and throw Godzilla around and even overwhelm him and Kong easily, despite being outnumbered. Even when Godzilla and Kong both battled against it simultaneously, Mechagodzilla was still proving to be more than a match for the two Titans.
    • Advanced Durability: Due to its endoskeleton being composed of titanium, Mechagodzilla is incredibly resistant to damage as it was able to withstand powerful blows from both Godzilla and Kong respectively. It immediately gets back to its feet after being pulled through a building by Godzilla and Kong and does not appear to take any noticeable physical damage from repeated strikes from Kong's axe before it is charged.
    • Advanced Speed: Mechagodzilla was able to run at great speeds, as it could easily outpace Godzilla.
    • Advanced Agility and Reflexes: Mechagodzilla is agile enough to dodge and counter most of Godzilla and Kong's strikes, thanks to its human-like reflexes.
    • Advanced Stamina: Mechagodzilla's stamina is shown to be high, never needing to stop or even slow down during its battle with Godzilla and Kong.
    • Advanced Endurance: Mechagodzilla's endurance is shown to be high as it was capable of enduring powerful attacks from Kong and Godzilla.
    • Flight: It is assumed that Mechagodzilla can achieve flight via its thrusters, though this ability was never seen on screen.
    • Mechagodzilla's A-74 Proton Scream in a beam lock with Godzilla's atomic breath.

      A-74 Proton Scream: Mechagodzilla has a series of lenses that assembles inside of its throat, allowing it to generate, create and project the A-74 Proton Scream (or simply Proton Scream), a concentrated red beam of pure energy. It was powerful enough to slice a Skullcrawler in half, slice through multiple buildings and even overpower Godzilla's atomic breath, blasting Godzilla backwards and leaving a searing wound on his chest. According to some Japanese Theatre Promotional Materail, his proton scream has 4.10×10^80 or 9.79923518164436e46 Yottatons.


  • Genius-level Intellect: When Mechagodzilla was powered by the energy from the Hollow Earth, the robot was possessed by Ghidorah's consciousness, severing its neural link with its pilot, Ren Serizawa. Under Ghidorah's influence, Mechagodzilla killed its own creators, and it effectively utilizes its new body and abilities to overpower Godzilla.
  • Advanced Combatant: Mechagodzilla is a highly skilled combatant, being able to perform a variety of punches, kicks and grapples during its fight with Godzilla and Kong both simultaneously, despite being outnumbered. Its combat skills also extends to the usage of weapons for the robot to use during its battle with the two Titans.
  • Stealth: Despite its prodigious size, Mechagodzilla is shown to be stealthy, being able to sneak up on Walter Simmons without being noticed after it was taken over by Ghidorah's consciousness.
  • Master Swimmer: In PUBG Mobile, it is revealed that Mechagodzilla's thrusters could be switched to jets for underwater propulsion, shown when the robot first demonstrated this ability by attacking a fleet of ships.
  • Hollow Earth Energy: Mechagodzilla was able to use energy from the Hollow Earth by charging it into it's hands and feet, allowing it to perform devastating hits on Godzilla and Kong.


  • Arsenal: Thanks to being built by Apex Cybernetics, Mechagodzilla is equipped with a large amount of weaponry (including missile launchers, a tail drill, thrusters, jaw shredders, buzzsaw claws, etc.) which stores in its body.
    • Missile Launchers: Mechagodzilla possesses two sixteen-cell missile launchers which rise from behind its shoulder pads and are capable of momentarily stunning opponents. This is seen when they did slow Godzilla's charge, despite each missile releasing several micro missiles before impact, yet they did cause damage to him. When being held by Kong and Godzilla, Mechagodzilla deployed a four-cell missile launcher hidden in its left shoulder against Godzilla, causing him to release his grip.
    • Tail Drill: Mechagodzilla's tail is equipped with multiple blades that can rotate at high speed to act like a drill and also can be used as a versatile weapon. During its fight with Godzilla and Kong, Mechagodzilla used its tail to knock Kong off of its back before the robot then attempted to use it against him and Godzilla.
    • Buzzsaw Claws: Mechagodzilla possesses crane-like claws rather than claws that resemble Godzilla's fingers. The interiors of these claws are adorned with industrial buzzsaws, allowing them to cut through skin and flesh while grappling. Mechagodzilla can also rotate its hands like drills, delivering extra damage.
    • Dorsal Plates: It is assumed that Mechagodzilla's dorsal plates are used to defend any organs, making it harder for an opponent to destroy it.
    • Drones: In PUBG Mobile, Mechagodzilla is capable of launching its dorsal plates that would turn into drones in order to attack Godzilla and Kong. These drones would operate like a hive mind with Mechagodzilla being able to control them.
    • Jaw Shredders: Mechagodzilla has two sets of industrial shredders within its mouth; one set on the roof of its mouth and the other set on its bottom jaw. Though the robot only tried using them once on Kong, within several close-up shots, the teeth of these grinders can be seen rotating, indicating that they are functional. It is assumed that Mechagodzilla uses these grinders to bite down on an opponent and use the saws to cut down the flesh of said skin, inflicting massive damage.
    • Thrusters: Mechagodzilla has a set of six thrusters that fire out of openable ports by its dorsal fins, enabling quick bursts of movement, or added momentum to its strikes or punches. These thrusters can make Mechagodzilla more agile in close-quarters combat, helping it gain the upper hand against Godzilla.


  • Limited Durability: Although Mechagodzilla was incredibly durable, it did have it's limits; for example, Kong's axe was able to cleave through it's armored exterior and subsequently sever it's limbs when charged up by Godzilla's atomic breath before Kong proceeds to tear off Mechagodzilla's head.
  • Control Panel Damage: Liquid poured onto Mechagodzilla's control panel resulted in it seizing up during combat; allowing Kong and Godzilla to gain the upper hand.
  • Battle Axe: While Kong's battle axe in it's base form didn't possess the power to grievously damage Mechagodzilla, the charged up variation was able to cleave through its armored exterior and subsequently sever its limbs before Kong tears off Mechagodzilla's head with the spinal cord still attached.


  • Mechagodzilla combines various aspects of previous incarnations such as the Showa films (villainous and designed to usurp Godzilla as King of the Monsters), Heisei (has ties to an incarnation of King Ghidorah), and Kiryu (uses a bio-computer, goes berserk, and moves surprisingly agile). It also borrows the character's elements from the scrapped kaiju Berserk (taken over by some force and turning against its creators).
  • This is the second incarnation of Mechagodzilla to be featured in an American-made film, after the Ready Player One Mechagodzilla.
  • This incarnation of Mechagodzilla is the third kaiju to almost kill Godzilla in the MonsterVerse, following the M.U.T.O.s and Ghidorah.
  • This incarnation of Mechagodzilla is the second Toho Monster (besides Godzilla) and the first incarnation of Mechagodzilla to ever fight Kong, the first Toho monster being Gorosaurus from the Showa Era.
  • If we take account that Ghidorah possessed Mechagodzilla, this is technically the first time Kong fought Ghidorah, and vice versa.
  • This incarnation of Mechagodzilla is the first monster to beam clash with Legendary Godzilla.
  • This incarnation of Mechagodzilla is the last of the "Big Five" Toho monsters in the MonsterVerse, the others being Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah.
  • Kong decapitating Mechagodzilla is very similar to the way Godzilla twisted and ripped Mechagodzilla's head off in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and how the Predator rips off the heads from its victims.
  • At one point, Mechagodzilla's proton scream briefly sparks with blue and yellow energy. This results in a very similar aesthetic to the space beams of the first Mechagodzilla.
  • Mechagodzilla's roar is just the mechanically mimicked version of Godzilla's roar. When Ghidorah's consciousness possesses the mecha, its roar changed to a modified variation of Ghidorah's own roar.
  • The method that Mechagodzilla intended to kill Godzilla was the same way Godzilla had used to kill the female M.U.T.O. in the first movie, the "kiss of death".
  • The concept of Mechagodzilla built around another kaiju and later being possessed by said kaiju is similar to the one with Kiryu, who was built around the bones of the original Godzilla and would at one point fall under the influence of him. In this version, it is King Ghidorah as this Mechagodzilla was made from his remains.
  • Mechagodzilla and Godzilla briefly clash their respective energy beam and atomic breath a callback to a similar shot in the 1993 Godzilla film, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.
  • The fact that Mechagodzilla is taken over by King Ghidorah's consciousness is similar to how Mechagodzilla II gets overtaken by Mecha-King Ghidorah's programming in the manga adaptation of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II.
  • This is the first incarnation of Mechagodzilla to be primarily built by humans and still serve as the main antagonist.


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