Mechani-Kong is a robotic version of King Kong who is a minor antagonist in the American/Japanese animated TV series The King Kong Show and the secondary antagonist in the 1967 Japanese film King Kong Escapes (a loose adaptation of the series). In both, he was created by Dr. Who.

He was portrayed by Hiroshi Sekita in the 1967 film.


TV Series

Mechani-Kong made his first appearance in the episode "Mechanikong". He is one of several monsters in the series used by Dr. Who to fight Kong.

During the battle between the two apes, King Kong was unable to harm his adversary due to his great durability. However, he eventually defeated the robot by knocking it into the Ocean, which caused it to short circuit.


In the film, he was built by Dr. Who to mine the radioactive Element X from the Arctic underground. However, the radiation, unfortunately, destroyed his circuits. Dr. Who then kidnaps the real Kong to dig for the element, placing him in a hypnotic trance. Kong eventually breaks out of his trance and swims to Tokyo, where he and Mechani-Kong fight atop Tokyo Tower. After a long battle, in which both of them nearly fall off the tower, Dr. Who's associate Madame X rips out the robot's control cords, causing Mechani-Kong to malfunction. The crippled robot then fell from the tower, crashing into the street below and shattering into several pieces.


  • Mechani-Kong is also technically a Rankin-Bass villain since both the animated series and the film were produced by that company, in the film's case with Toho as well.
  • Toho had wanted to make a modern remake of King Kong Vs. Godzilla in the 1990s, but could not secure the rights from Universal for Kong. Believing that Mechani-Kong was wholly their own property, they planned to have Godzilla face him instead, with the plot stating he was based on an unmentioned legendary monster. Universal once again objected, feeling Mechani-Kong was too identified with their property. As a result, Toho used King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Mechagodzilla as Godzilla's next three foes. However, Mechagodzilla shares his theme song.

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