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Mechani-Kong is a minor antagonist in the American/Japanese animated TV series The King Kong Show and the secondary antagonist in the 1967 Japanese film King Kong Escapes (a loose adaptation of the series). In both, it was created by Dr. Who and a mechanical counterpart of King Kong.

It was portrayed by Hiroshi Sekita in the 1967 film.


The King Kong Show

Mechani-Kong in The King Kong Show.

Mechani-Kong made his first appearance in the episode "Mechanikong". He is one of several monsters in the series used by Dr. Who to fight King Kong. In the episode, Dr. Who uses Mechani-Kong to attack New Guinea, with the military mistaking him for the real Kong. Fortunately, Professor Bond and his kids clear the misunderstanding and bring the real Kong to New Guinea to battle his mechanical imposter.

During the battle between the two apes, Kong was unable to harm his adversary due to his great durability. However, he eventually defeated the robot by knocking it into the Ocean, which caused it to short-circuit. Who then had his disabled machine carried away by helicopters.

King Kong Escapes

In the film, Mechani-Kong was built by Dr. Who to mine the radioactive Element X from the Arctic underground. However, radiation from Element X destroys his circuits, causing Mechani-Kong to short-circuit. Dr. Who then kidnaps the real Kong to dig for the element, placing him in a hypnotic trance. Kong eventually breaks out of his trance and swims to Tokyo, where Who sends the repaired Mechani-Kong after him.

During the battle, Mechani-Kong grabs Susan Watson and scales the nearby Tokyo Tower. Through a speaker on the robot, Who orders Kong to return to his ship, or else he will use Mechani-Kong to drop Susan to her death from the tower. After Kong saves Susan after she is dropped by the robot, he and Mechani-Kong fight atop Tokyo Tower. After a long battle, in which both of them nearly fall off the tower, Dr. Who's associate Madame Piranha rips out the robot's control cords, causing Mechani-Kong to malfunction. The crippled robot then fell from the tower's tip, crashing into the street below and shattering into several pieces.

Godzilla, King of Monsters manga

In the manga's timeline, the events similar to King Kong Escapes took place there.

Dr. Mad Oniyama rebuilds Mechani-Kong as Mechani-Kong II and scales it up to Godzilla's 100 meters height alongside Mechagodzilla III to fight Godzilla. Mechani-Kong ambushed Godzilla while he was occupied fighting Mechagodzilla and restrained him where Mechagodzilla used Godzilla as a punching bag before Godzilla thrown Mechani-Kong which broke its arm and disabled the machine where after it Godzilla used his atomic breath explode and destroy Mechani-Kong.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hypnotic lights: Mechani-Kong can shine a light from atop its head that temporarily hypnotized Kong.
  • Grenade belt: Mechani-Kong is equipped with a grenade belt around its waist that it can use to heavily damage its opponents.
  • Super strength: Mechani-Kong is shown to be very powerful in physical strength, shown by it rapidly digging through solid ice and climbing the Tokyo Tower with ease. At one point, the robot is shown to be strong enough to restrain Kong and Godzilla (the latter in Godzilla, King of the Monsters).
  • High beam eyes: Mechani-Kong can emit powerful high beam lights with its eyes, which can both brighten dark crevices and temporarily blind his opponents.


  • Mechani-Kong is also technically a Rankin-Bass villain since both the animated series and the film were produced by that company, in the film's case with Toho as well.
  • Mechani-Kong served as the main inspiration for Mechagodzilla, much like how King Kong heavily influenced Godzilla's creation.
  • Toho had wanted to make a modern remake of King Kong Vs. Godzilla in the 1990s, but could not secure the rights from Universal for Kong. Believing that Mechani-Kong was wholly their own property, they planned to have Godzilla face him instead, with the plot stating he was based on an unmentioned legendary monster. Universal once again objected, feeling Mechani-Kong was too identified with their property. As a result, Toho used King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Mechagodzilla as Godzilla's next three foes. However, Mechagodzilla shares his theme song.

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