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Mechikabura is an ancient Evil Entity from the Demon Realm and is the main antagonist of the Dark Empire Saga in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He is the true leader of the Time Breakers. He has a grudge against the Supreme Kai of Time. He was long dead before Towa revived him and now he leads the Dark Empire against the Time Patrol while also using the Dark Dragon Balls to make himself young again. He also brainwashed King Vegeta to become his slave and is quite powerful even at his old age and can improve his servants to become Demon Gods. In his prime, he was considered the strongest evil and most powerful of all the Demon Realm.

In the Main Story, he first appears alongside Towa after being revived and later appears on his ship alongside his servant Salsa and a brainwashed King Vegeta. Mechikabura sends both of them to attack Beat and the others to retrieve the Dark Dragon Ball from Turles.

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