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Medamatcha is one of the three secondary antagonists (the others being Angila and Wings) of the 4th Dragon Ball film Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. He is a demon of some kind and a minion of Lord Slug.

He was voiced by Yukitoshi Hori in the Japanese version, and by Kent Williams in Funimation dub and Doug Rand in AB Groupe dub in the English version.


Medamatcha accompanied Lord Slug to Earth and after arriving, he, Wings, and Angila set out to locate the Dragon Balls. However Gohan and Piccolo set out to stop Lord Slug and his minions, but Medamatcha unleashed a barrage of energy blasts on Gohan. He then used his ability to unleash clones of himself to exhaust the half-Saiyan's energy and attempted to use a powerful energy blast on him. However, Piccolo shielded him and Goku took him on next. Even with his Medas, he still proved to be no match for Goku regardless. So Goku knocks Medamatch up into the air and he lands on Goku waiting fist, snapping his spine and killing him.

Fusion Reborn

Many years later, when the powerful reality-warping demon Janemba opened a portal to Hell, Metamatcha and countless other villains led by Frieza escape the Underworld back into the land of the living. He is seen charging at Gohan when Frieza commands the army to attack Gohan. He and his Medas flee in terror when Gohan effortlessly kills Frieza with one punch. He was most likely killed and sent back to Hell at some later point.

Powers and Abilities

Medamatcha can manipulate energy in the form of blasts and flight similar to most other characters and possesses superhuman abilities. He can generate four small parasitic clones of himself called "Medas" from his back that can absorb Ki by latching onto a host's body and give it to Medamatcha. They however, don't appear able to drain Ki from strong opponents like Goku.

He is stated to have a power level of 42,000 in Dragonball Cardass. Making him as strong as Nail during the Frieza saga.

Forms and Transformations

Majin Medamatcha

Medamatcha is revived and turned into a Majin by Babidi. He appeare as a minion of King of Destruction Slug in Dragon Ball Heroes. The Majin revival could have possibly given Medamatcha a boost in power.


  • Goku appears and kills Medamatcha is similar to the way he takes down Nappa in the Saiyan Saga.


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