You are young and gullible. I am old...well, middle aged...and can't be easily fooled.
~ The Medicine Man

The Medicine Man is the main antagonist of the 1997 animated direct-to-video film Young Pocahontas.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings, who also played Razoul in Disney's Aladdin, Steele in Balto by Universal Pictures, Dennis in Disney's Tarzan, Ed in Disney's The Lion King, Long John Silver in The Pagemaster by 20th Century Fox, Hernán Cortés in DreamWorks' The Road of El Dorado, Budzo in Zambezia.


The Medicine Man may seem extremely loyal to the tribe, but he is sly, devious, calculating, and thinks he is more powerful and wiser than anyone. At first, Pocahontas believes that he is helpful, but soon realizes that he is wrong when she sets her sights on John Smith and helps him.

Believing that Pocahontas is gullible, the Medicine Man vows revenge. His evil plan is to prove that John Smith is inferior, kill him, and seize power from Chief Powhatan. The Medicine Man sends his warriors after John Smith, and when Pocahontas rushes to tell her father about his sinister and diabolical scheme, the evil shaman captures her and leaves her tied and gagged in his teepee whilst preparing for war. Fortunately, Pocahontas is rescued by the wise bear named Honey, after tipping over a can of honey.

Pocahontas stands up against the Medicine Man's henchmen and defeat them with the aid of her animal friends. The Medicine Man prepares to strike John Smith with his tomahawks, but a beaver pushes a tree onto him, pinning him to the ground. As soon as the Medicine Man returns to his tribe, Powhatan (who has learned of his treachery) eventually banishes him.


The Medicine Man is extremely manipulative, conniving, ruthless and power-hungry. He feels that he is doing what he believes is right for himself and his tribe, even if it is heartless and cruel.


The Medicine Man commonly wears headdresses and a red robe, even when he summons his minions to take out John Smith.




  • When the Medicine Man tells Pocahontas that he will get her and "her little friends, too", this is a reference to the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz.
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