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Medusa, also known as the Queen of the Gorgons. is a minor villain in the video game; God of War.


Medusa is a Gorgon; which is an all-female species that have snakes for hair and a snake body for their lower half. Medusa has a different appearance compared to all the other Gorgons. Medusa skin color is pinkish-red instead of green, the snakes on her head are cobras, she has razor sharp claws, and spines on her back.


God of War

As Kratos reached Athens, he eventually comes across an astral of the Goddess of Love; Aphrodite. She offers him a weapon that could freeze enemies in their tracks, and all Kratos had to do was kill Medusa by cutting off her head. Medusa fights by whipping her tail, using her razor sharp claws, and her most dangerous weapon, her stare, which turns people to stone, and die instantly should Kratos be elevated from the ground, or get hit by anything. After Kratos manage to severely injure Medusa, he grabbed onto Medusa and ripped her head off, granting him the ability of the Medusa Stare.

God of War II

Even though Medusa doesn't appear in God of War II, her sister; Euryale makes an appearance. Euryale both seeks the Sisters of Fate to reverse time to the death of her sister, as well as seek revenge for the death of her sister. But due to Euryale getting killed by Kratos as well, Medusa wasn't revived.

Powers & Skills

Like every Gorgon, Medusa has the ability to turn her victims into stone, with the use of her Medusa Stare. She's much faster than the other Gorgons so she can use her great speed to escape from being harmed. However unlike the other Gorgons, Medusa has razor sharp claws in which she uses them in battle.


  • Medusa has two fraternal sisters; Stheno and Euryale. Scylla and Charybdis are also considered to be her sisters too.
  • "Medusa" in Greek for either "Queen" or "Protector"
  • It's intrested to note that Medusa's skin is Pinkish-red but after Kratos beheads her and uses her Medusa Stare, her head is green.
  • Fans of the game series speculate that Medusa was the one who imprisoned Stheno in the Bog of the Forgotten to take her place as Queen of the Gorgons.


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