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The Medusa Minosaur is the main antagonist in episode 3 of 2019 TV series called Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger and its a Medusa-themed Minosaur that was created by the members of Druidon Tribe from the negative emotion of Ui Tatsui, based on her desire to be seen and acknowledged by others.


The Medusa Minosaur made its appearance right outside of the museum where she battle the ryusoulger she'd used her ability to transform the citizen of this town into stone just by using the eyes on her chest.

She was about to defeat the three rangers but two the new rangers showed up in the nick of time followed by an ambushed from Tankjoh.

A while later the Medusa Minosaur has grown to gigantic size and she'd began to rampage across the town petrifying everyone that look at the eyes on her chest.

However this chaos and everyone that petrified was revert back to normal when the Medusa Minosaur was destroyed by KishiRyuOh three knights.


  • Her design draw some similarities to Dayu Usukawa, Naria and Akyanba.
  • The Medusa-themed was brought to mind from a Phantom general named Medusa who's from the 2013 TV series called Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • The Medusa Minosaur is the first Medusa themed monster since Hades Wise Goddess Gorgon in 2005 TV series called Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

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