MegaDarknessBagramon is the final antagonist in the second season of Digimon Fusion.


DarknessBagramon is an Unknown Level Digimon that is Lord Bagra once he absorbs his brother AxeKnightmon. DarknessBagramon actually has two forms, one when Bagramon takes control of their body, and one when DarkKnightmon takes over.

As DarknessBagramon (Bagramon)

In this form, DarknessBagramon still has Bagramon's skeletal right arm and leg, DarknessBagramon's body is covered in DarkKnightmon-style armor with a skull-shaped chestplate. He also possesses twelve giant black wings.

As DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon)

DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon)

DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon)

In this Form, compared to DarknessBagramon, DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon) is inversed as he is DarkKnightmon in Bagramon-themed armor with a giant right skeletal arm and leg.

Digimon Xros Wars

After the Death Generals were defeated for a second time, both Bagramon and DarkKnightmon decides to fight Xros Hearts head on. But during the battle, DarkKnightmon betrays Bagramon at the last minute, stabbing him in the back and then absorbed his data to become DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon). DarknessBagramon proved to be a powerful opponent.

However, in time, Lord Bagra manages to metaphysically destroy his brother and reformat his body in his own image. From there, DarknessBagramon manage to destroy Shoutmon before sending the rest of the Xros Heart United Army into dark void and entering the human world. During the invasion, DarknessBagramon's army was sent to fight the entire Xros Heart army and their allies. DarknessBagramon then killed the army so he could finish off the Xros Heart army once and for all. After the Bagra Army was defeated, Shoutmon combined with not only the members of Xros Hearts, but also their allies and all the Digimon throughout the Digital World, and formed; Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode. Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode flew towards DarknessBagramon and fought the mighty Digimon. DarknessBagramon was finished off for good by Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode's attack; Final Xros Blade.


As DarknessBagramon

  • God of Death Snatcher
  • Bale-fire Eyes
  • Eternal Darkmare

As DarknessBagramon (DarkKnightmon)

  • God of Death Snatcher
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