is created when Messiah Card 06 infects DenshaZord 2 when it is summoned. Talking like a train conductor and able to turn his body into a train, MegaZordloid's objective is to gather data on human despair from those he forcefully enters into his body. When Yoko Usami's appearance inside disrupts his data intel with her inspiring hope, the other Go-Busters take advantage to board MegaZordloid and destroy his core to immobilize him so Buster Hercules can finish him off. However, with the others getting the passengers to safety, Enter revealed it was all planned as the data on human hope that Yoko provided allowed the Messiah Card to survive its host and reformat the MegaZord Delta model within the Messiah Metaloid into MegaZord Zeta.


  • Messiah Card: 06
  • Production Motif: DenshaZord 2
  • Height: 55.5 m
  • Weight: 1660 t
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