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There you are, I been looking all over for you, you know you can't hide from MEGA MOM!
~ Mega Mom
Hi, guys, how about some quality time with DESTRUCTO DAD!
~ Destructo Dad

Mega Mom and Destructo Dad are the recurring antagonists of Codename: Kids Next Door. They are Chad Dickson's embarrassing parents. They wear masks that are giant replicas of their own heads.

Mega Mom was voiced by Grey DeLisle, and Destructo Dad was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


They first appeared in Operation: C.H.A.D. They "stupefy" all of the KND operatives in the world, so that their champion son could be "Numbuh 1" rather than 274. Upon learning this, Chad threatens to quit all his extra curricular activities, join The Scumbucket Punks rock band and get a tattoo, persuading them to undo their damage. Mega Mom and Destructo Dad surrender and promise to revive everyone if he stops.

They appear in various supervillain meetings and gatherings later on in the series, and they are mentioned in Operation: E.N.D., where they send out invitations to Chad's birthday party.



  • Despite that they continue to be seen with other adult villains, they don't ever re-use their stupefying technology upon the KND operatives in spite of how effective it was against the KND. Though it could be Chad forced them to destroy this technology and so they lack the means to stupefy the KND.


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